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chapter 7 Invertebrates cont.. - Biology 341 with Tenneson at ...


Mar 26, 2013 ... Bearded Fireworm. White bristles, extended in defense, are venomous. Christmas Tree Worm. -abundant in the Caribbean -The two spiral ...

Reefs of Cozumel - Barracuda


Bearded Fireworrm. Bearded Fireworm. Green Moray eel. aby Smooth Trunkfish. baby Smooth Trunkfish. lion fish. Lionfish under an overhang. high hat fish.

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Tree Of Life - Marietta College


Hermodice carunculata -- Bearded fireworm. The fireworm is well-named, ..... Efferia albibarbis -- White-bearded Robber Fly Robber Flies are predators, but ...

What lurks below: Muck diving with disappearing flowers, bearded ...


Sep 8, 2014 ... ... with disappearing flowers, bearded fire worms and other rare creatures ... This was a world of sea cucumbers, fire worms and slippery dicks.