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To successfully challenge a seat belt ticket you must either create reasonable doubt about whether you were wearing your seat belt or mount a due diligence ...

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Jul 7, 2014 ... How To Beat A Seat Belt Ticket Ask the cop the questions asked in this video. Ask , "What makes you think I don't have a license to not wear a ...

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Apr 1, 2013 ... My twenty-year-old daughter received a seatbelt ticket downtown Raleigh, NC several months ago. She is a junior in college. She swears she ...

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Apr 27, 2012 ... Hundreds of millions of tax dollars spent to enforce seat belt laws, ... I need to figure out how to take this to court when I fight my seatbelt ticket..

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Apr 3, 2008 ... I seen in the paper that they dismissed a couple of seatbelt fine. ... Ive beat seatbelt tickets in other counties, and ive beat state troopers right on ...

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Everyone knows you keep your seat belt on as the cop comes to the car. ... Show up in court with the ticket that siad the spotter saw a male with ...

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I've never had one before and I got it going through a seatbelt check at a four way stop. I passed ... If you were in my shoes would you fight or pay the ticket.

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May 15, 2008 ... My husband got a ticket for not wearing a seat belt, the problem is that he WAS wearing a seat belt! the stupid cop THOUGHT he wasn't!

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That might be one way to get a seatbelt ticket, he might just have been trying to see if you were wanted. ..... Even as a cop I would fight that.

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Feb 15, 2014 ... John beat three seat belt tickets, one red light camera ticket, and one stop sign ticket all through the mail. His archive page with court ...

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The information in this section covers how to fight your charge. If you follow the specific instructions in this section without working through the steps above, you ...

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Nov 7, 2012 ... How to fight seat belt ticket I was pulled over by state highway patrol that said i was speeding. I had my seat belt on but under my shoulder.

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Mar 20, 2012 ... When he told me I wasn't wearing my seatbelt, I explained the ... I just beat a speeding ticket by going to court, the officer no showed and I just ...