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To analyse nod gene expression in Rhizobium leguminosarum, a broad host- range lacZ protein ... [PubMed]; Beck E, Sommer R, Auerswald EA, Kurz C, Zink B , Osterburg G, Schaller H, ... [PubMed]; Ditta G, Stanfield S, Corbin D, Helinski DR .


[PubMed]; Bainton NJ, Bycroft BW, Chhabra SR, Stead P, Gledhill L, Hill PJ, Rees CE, Winson MK, ... [PubMed]; Beck von Bodman S, Hayman GT, Farrand SK. .... Subcellular localization of the nodD gene product in Rhizobium leguminosarum.


The plant responds to bacterial Nod factors by initiating cortical cell divisions to ... C.C. Starker, L. Smith, G.E.D. Oldroyd, J. Doll, and S.R. Long, unpublished data). ...... Williams S, Dincher S, Sharkey K, Beck J, Taylor H, Ahlgoy P, Meins F et al.


japonicum has two nodD genes (Gottfert et al., 1989), of which the nodDl gene is the most ..... malonyl derivatives of flavonoid glycosides (Beck and Knox,. 1971). The presence of ..... Mulligan, J. T., and Long, S. R. (1985) Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci.


region, these include nod genes required for synthesis of Nod factor as well ...... Swanson, J. A., Mulligan, J. T. & Long, S. R. (1993) Genetics 134, 435–444. 11.


The binding of NodD to its target DNA has been correlated with the inducible ..... or anti-NodD (a gift of Dr H. R. M. Schlaman; 36) was incubated with RNAP and.


02/12/2013, 807457, NODD, BECK, GR & HO ... 02/20/2013, 813048, CALLAWAY, MICHAEL SR, HO ... 02/28/2013, 811299, HOLMAN, THOMAS JR, HO.


... Devante Weser, William Joseph Jr. Webb, Corinna R. White, Leon Raymond White, ...... Joan 'Tony' Songy Nodd, Larry Joseph Petty, Joseph (J. B.) Ben Picquet, ..... William J. Sr. Eumont, Evelyn Corles Francois, Rebecca Elizabeth ' Becky' ...


variables, like plant fertility, pH (Hubac et al., 1994), and Nod factors (Schmidt et al., 1994). ..... tolerant to low P than the fast-growing rhizobia (Beck and Munns, 1985). Nitrogen- ..... Aarons, S. R., and Graham, P. H. (1991). Response of ...


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