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If you want to know how to become a spy then read this article and discover how to be recruited by the world's intelligence agencies.


Nov 3, 2013 ... Lies I told to become a spy. I thought I was an ideal CIA candidate. But I didn't realize how tricky it would be to hide from the people I love.


While the spying side of the CIA might be the seemingly glamor filled side you're ... Before even embarking on the process of becoming a CIA officer, do some ...


This is how you become a professional spy. By Milena Veselinovic, for CNN. Updated 6:33 AM ET, Wed November 25, 2015 ...


Top Spy Skills. Become a real spy e-book cover. Pin It. Become a Spy... a Real One! Here's our e-book explaining how to become a real life secret agent, free for  ...


Mar 5, 2014 ... MI6 has created a simple quiz in which potential candidates can test whether they have what it takes to become a spy.


Instead of offering you a six-figure pay rise for your contribution to national security, he suggests you should pursue your ambition of becoming a television chef.


Since careers in espionage require spies to be discreet, few inquirers can personally seek out a secret agent for information about how to become a spy.


Feb 1, 2006 ... What guy hasn't actually wondered what it would be like to be a spy? Cruising around foreign countries, experiencing great adventures, ...

Jul 4, 2014 ... Did you ever watch James Bond and think to yourself "I'm going to be just like him someday?" Well, you actually can...maybe. Yes, it's a ...