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Whether or not you finally decide to become a zookeeper, zoologist, or naturalist, we hope you attain a life-long interest in animals and in the natural world.

Become a Professional Zookeeper: Education Requirements and ...


Learn how to become a professional zookeeper. Research the job duties and the education requirements and find out how to start a career in zookeeping.

Zoo Keeping as a Career - AAZK


If you are interested in becoming a zoo keeper a comprehensive document has been compiled which will give you a better idea of what this profession entails ...

How to Be a Zookeeper: 9 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow


Before you start down the path to becoming a zoo keeper, you should know what .... reach out to you if a position opens in the future they might reach out to you.

What is the Best Degree To Get To Become a Zookeeper?


Those interested in working with animals might find themselves wondering what is the best degree to become a zookeeper. A zookeeper is someone who works ...

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Keepers are expected to be able to lift minimum weight requirements as set by ... Aquarium Association and the American Association of Zoo Keepers directly.

What Classes Do I Take to Be a Zookeeper? | Education - Seattle PI


A zookeeper position is a career for people who love the idea of working with ... University: Concentration Requirements: General Zoology (FS 07 and Later) ...

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The educational requirements for an entry level zoo keeper vary. In the USA they are often required to have ...

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Learn how to become a Zookeeper with careers advice from Plotr. See job ... You don't need a specific animal care qualification to work as a zookeeper, and all ...