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Can I give my dog Benadryl and if so, how much? | petMD


By Jessica Vogelsang, DVM. Benadryl, also known by its generic name diphenhydramine, is one of the few over-the-counter drugs that veterinarians routinely ...

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To treat your dog's anxiety without exposing him to the possible risks of Benadryl, we recommend Anxietrex, a safe and effective anxiety remedy with no side ...

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1800PetMeds offers Diphenhydramine, a medication for allergy treatment for cats and dogs at affordable prices. Get discount deals on all kinds of allergy ...

My dog weighs 60 pounds how much benadryl can I give her?


Jul 29, 2012 ... 4 Answers - Posted in: benadryl, vet, dog - Answer: Hello AMWarhurst. ... It is ok for dogs to take benadryl safely as long as the dose is correct ...

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Here is benadryl dosage charts for dogs, and how you can give your dog benadryl ... In addition to using benadryl for your dog, you should consider other safe, ...

Can I Give My Dog Benadryl?


There are special allergy medications vet's prescribe for a dogs. ... A safe Benadryl dose will factor in breed, medical history, weight and current symptoms.

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Jul 30, 2009 ... Benadryl is an antihistamine. Its active ingredient is diphenhydramine. Diphenhydramine can be given to dogs for a variety of reasons. It can be ...

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Benadryl. *If your pet is less than 20 lbs., or of a breed prone to allergic reactions [Chihuahua, Dachshund, Boston terrier,. Maltese, Poodle, Pekinese], please ...

Is it safe to give my dog children's benadryl? | Yahoo Answers


Aug 8, 2008 ... it's dye free childrens liquid. someone told me it's okay to give it to him but i want to be sure before i do, and someone else told me that liquid is ...

Is it safe to give my dog Benadryl?? | Yahoo Answers


Oct 29, 2006 ... I am pretty sure my dog as an allergy of some kind. ... I was wondering if it safe to give her some benadryl and see if that helps. She is a 45 lb.

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Giving Benadryl to Your Dog — The Complete Guide -


Dec 14, 2015 ... Benadryl might not be safe for puppies. If your dog is a little pup, ask your vet first. Just as you have to be careful giving medications to human ...

Benadryl for Dogs - Can you Give it? Is it Safe? What Dosage?


4 days ago ... Benadryl for dogs - When is it safe to use, when to avoid it, recommend dosage, what it can treat, how to administer it safely and more!

Benadryl For Dogs - Is It Safe For Dogs? - Benadryl Dosage For Dogs


Feb 26, 2014 ... When used properly, Benadryl, a common brand name for the drug diphenhydramine, is very safe for dogs. However, over the counter versions ...