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Main article: Authors Guild, Inc. v. Google, Inc. ... Google|Authors Guild et al. v. Google, a class ...

Joffe v. Google - U.S. Courts


Sep 10, 2013 ... v. GOOGLE, INC.,. Defendant-Appellant. No. 11-17483. D.C. No. ... motion to dismiss claims that Google, Inc., violated the. Wiretap Act when, in ...

Google Street View Litigation Class Action Complaint


seq. against Defendant Google, Inc. (“Defendant”), and demand a jury trial. ... Pursuant to a motion for a temporary restraining order in Van Valin, et al. v. Google Inc. .... Mr. Berlage's home can be seen on Google Maps and Street View. On.

Google v. Joffe


Mar 27, 2014 ... John E. Redstone, Matthew Berlage, Patrick Keyes,. Karl H. Schulz ..... No. 13-. GOOGLE INC.,. Petitioner, v. JOFFE, et al.,. Respondents.

Search Engines Law in the news - Links & Law


In the first click fraud lawsuit to be filed against Google since 2006, 123 Lock ... Berlage v. Google (N.D. Cal. filed May 20); Carter v. Google (E.D. Pa. filed ..... " This was a recent case in the Court of First Instance in Madrid on 13 May 2009: Palomo v Google Inc. The complaint was in relation ..... Ooogles n Googles et al, J...

Metabolism and Disposition of α-Methylstyrene in Rats


Feb 1, 2001 ... Institution: Google Indexer; Sign In as Member / Individual ... The oral LD50 for AMS in rats is 4.9 g/kg (Wolf et al., 1956). The toxicity of AMS to ...

Magnetic Resonance Angiography of Thromboembolic Stroke in ...


Permanent or transient focal ischemia caused by photothrombosis (Lee et al., .... ( Interactive Data Language; Research Systems Inc., Boulder, CO, U.S.A.). ... for breakdown of energy metabolism (Hoehn-Berlage et al., 1995; Olah et al., 2001). .... lateral part of cerebral cortex after selective MCA occlusion versus 69% ± 7% ...

Postischemic Reperfusion Causes Smooth Muscle Calcium ... - Stroke


Jun 26, 2014 ... More recently, Shih et al used 2-photon microscopy to measure red blood cell flux and .... A, Percent tone and smooth muscle membrane potential (Vm) of .... 2014 American Heart Association, Inc. ... Busch E,; Krüger K,; Allegrini PR,; Kerskens CM,; Gyngell ML,; Hoehn-Berlage M,; et al .... Google Scholar.

Whole-Brain N-Acetylaspartate Spectroscopy and Diffusion Tensor ...


Institution: Google Indexer ... Most recently, Cohen et al have shown preoperative patients with glioma to exhibit an average 26% ... All subjects' brain volumes, VB, were obtained from T1-weighted sagittal ... in the interactive data language (IDL, Research Systems Inc, Boulder, Colo). .... Eis M, Els T, Hoehn-Berlage M, et al.

Crystallization and preliminary X-ray analysis of the YjgF/YER057c ...


Aug 31, 2005 ... ... 223.2 Å. The crystals contained two molecules in the asymmetric unit (V M ... In bacteria and yeast, these proteins are involved in the biosynthesis of isoleucine, thiamine and purine (Enos-Berlage et al., ... instrument (Protein Solutions Inc.) gave a monomodal distribution .... Twitter · Share on Google Plu...

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In re: Google Inc. Street View Electronic Communications Litigation ...


Filed by Vicki Van Valin, Matthew Berlage, Jennifer Locsin, John E. Redstone, James Fairbanks, Benjamin .... Google, Inc. and C 10-04084 PVT Marigza et al v.

Feitelson et al v. Google Inc. :: Justia Dockets & Filings


MOTION ADMINISTRATIVE MOTION TO FILE STATEMENT OF RECENT DECISION filed by Google Inc.. Responses due by 2/5/2015. Replies due by 2/12 /2015 ...