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The Bermuda Triangle, an area of ocean in the Caribbean in which boats and planes are said to disappear, remains unexplained.

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Bermuda Triangle is a vertically scrolling shoot 'em up arcade game released by SNK in 1987. You control a fighter jet and shoot enemies, collect power-ups, ...

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Researchers attempt to determine what has caused hundreds of planes to mysteriously disappear in what is known as the Bermuda Triangle.
Theories as to why this happens range from UFOs to strange magnetic fields or even time warps. There are a number of problems with this belief, however, For one thing, the exact scope of the triangle is unclear - different authors make it out to be different sizes and ... More »
By Austin Cline, Guide Triangle Video&v=NVcyV0wHqAk
Dec 20, 2013 ... Flight 19 disappeared over the Bermuda Triangle on December 5, 1945. The disappearance of Flight 19 is one of the most intriguing mysteries ... Triangle Video&v=IBfI3_la3K0
Jan 31, 2015 ... The Mystery Of The Bermuda Triangle The Bermuda Triangle has caught the imagination of the world for decades, ... Video Endboard Links:

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Bermuda Triangle Mystery. In the Bermuda Triangle, 75 planes and hundreds of yachts have disappeared without a trace. Why?

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Bermuda Triangle. Hear what critics believe happened to planes. ... Video Clips. Now Playing. Bermuda Triangle. Advertisement ...

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The Bermuda Triangle is the crown jewel of mysteries. ... 10 Weird Facts about the Bermuda Triangle - Alltime10s ... Be The First To Recommend This video.

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A: The Legend of the Bermuda Triangle. One of the first major incidents to add to the mystique of the Bermuda Triangle was the disappearance of USS Cyclops and her... Read More »
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