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The Bermuda Triangle, an area of ocean in the Caribbean in which boats and planes are said to disappear, remains unexplained.

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The mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle have been documented for centuries, with the first accounts recorded by Christopher Columbus himself.

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Jan 31, 2015 ... The Mystery Of The Bermuda Triangle The Bermuda Triangle has caught the imagination of the world for decades, ... Video Endboard Links:
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Dec 20, 2013 ... Flight 19 disappeared over the Bermuda Triangle on December 5, 1945. The disappearance of Flight 19 is one of the most intriguing mysteries ...
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Aug 22, 2015 ... For more Bermuda Triangle disappearances, check out the rest of this video. After it's over, you may want to reconsider taking any flights or ...
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Apr 20, 2014 ... https://www.youtube.com/user/Matrivashai/playlists.
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Feb 2, 2016 ... Bermuda triangle mystery | media : archive.org ( caseofthebermudatrianglereel1&2 ), pixabay, Youtube creative commons videos, Wikipedia ...
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May 24, 2014 ... 10 Weird Facts about the Bermuda Triangle Putting fear into the heart of the bravest sailor, the ... Here are our 10 favorite videos from 2013.

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Don investigates Flight 19's strange disappearance over the Bermuda Triangle.

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Feb 2, 2015 ... The Mystery Of The Bermuda TriangleThe Bermuda Triang...