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Q: Who is best placed to raise children?
A: 1) Feminists are fighting for better, more affordable child care. This continues to be a main issue. (remember, when people say we're interested in "white" wome... Read More »
Q: What are the best places to raise children?
A: i am fairly young myself so i hope this help. i think the best place to raise a kid is a smaller town, that is close to the city. i live in one and love it we h... Read More »
Q: Where is the best place to raise children?
A: Anywhere in the quiet peaceful country where children can go outdoors and play peacefully and take hikes in the woods to the creek with their dogs , and ride bi... Read More »
Q: Is the country the best place to raise children?
A: Raising children in the country is definitely the best option. 1) "Cleaner" environment: You don't want your child to be sheltered, but you don't want them to ... Read More »
Q: What state is rated the best place to raise children?
A: Mount Prospect IL is rated the best city to raise kids because Read More »