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To get the best price on airline tickets, some travel experts advise you to buy them right around 4 months before you plan to travel, and to look for good deals in the early part of the week.
Most airlines post sales early in the week. Another good tip is to sign up for email alerts from your favorite airlines to let you know when good deals are available.


Knowing the cheapest days to fly can help you cut travel costs; see them here plus more useful tips that really work.


The best time to buy airline tickets? We tell you when and provide other cost- cutting shopping tips.


Jun 26, 2017 ... A 2017 study by Expedia and the Airlines Reporting Corporation says there's a new optimal time to buy airline tickets.


Apr 6, 2017 ... A new study has revealed that the best time to buy a domestic plane ticket is, on average, 54 days before the scheduled flight.


Mar 6, 2017 ... Here's the definitive answer: The best time to book an airline ticket is Tuesday afternoon, when most airlines have matched fare sales from ...


Feb 25, 2016 ... CheapAir's annual When to Buy study helps travelers purchase airline tickets at the right time and price. 2016 data tracked more than 1.3 billion ...


Jun 10, 2017 ... Typically, the earlier you book flights, the less you'll pay. But just how far in advance do you have to plan? Ashlea Halpern of New York ...


Jul 18, 2017 ... The end of August brings about so-called "magic dates" when air fares drop suddenly -- specifically Aug. 21 for international flights and Aug.


Dec 26, 2016 ... You don't really need to make it an official resolution, do you? That in 2017 you will travel — a lot? But maybe you will resolve to be smarter ...