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Best Time to Plant Alfalfa


Dr. Larry Teuber at UC Davis did studies under controlled conditionsthat showed that seedling alfalfa roots grow best at 2 inch average soiltemperatures 69 to ...

Tips for fall seeding of alfalfa - BEEF Magazine


In other parts of Kansas, planting time is late August or early September. ... When planting alfalfa, producers should keep the following in mind: Test the soil.

Alfalfa: Consider late summer seeding - Hoards Dairyman


Aug 15, 2011 ... Late summer alfalfa seeding is an option for growing high quality feed for dairy ... "Your decision to summer seed should be based on weather ...

Late Summer Seeding in Alfalfa - University of Wisconsin-Extension


should be based on weather conditions (temperature), available soil moisture, ... Alfalfa plants produce a toxin that can reduce root development and survival of ...

Seeding grasses with alfalfa: This old idea makes cents today : Dairy ...


Harvested yield is the single largest driver of profitability when producing stored forage, and alfalfa-grass mixtures often yield more than alfalfa alone. The fixed ...

Spring is a good time to plant alfalfa in Kansas - Midwest Producer


Mar 21, 2012 ... Growers should make sure there are no weeds growing when alfalfa is planted and make sure there is no herbicide carryover from a previous ...

Are you Man Enough to plant Alfalfa? - by DeerBuilder.com


planting alfalfa in food plots. ... All alfalfa seed should be inoculated immediately prior to seeding or purchased pre-inoculated. Inoculated seed should be kept ...

Late-summer seedings of alfalfa | MSU Extension


Jul 28, 2011 ... Summer is a good time to consider planting alfalfa since insect and weed ... When inadequate amounts are present in the soil, the new crop will ...

alfalfa seeding & fertilization recommendations - MSU Extension


the pH is below 6.2, lime should be applied at least 6 months before seeding. Follow ... with the seed at planting time can include up to: 100 lbs./acre of actual ...

G4550 Alfalfa - MU Extension - University of Missouri


Alfalfa as a cash hay crop could produce more than $60 million each year. To realize this potential, you should plant a productive, disease-resistant variety that  ...

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Common Mistakes in Growing Alfalfa


Sep 1, 2009 ... ... people are thinking about growing alfalfa, some for the first time ever. ... to scout regularly for weeds to determine when and what to spray.

Planting Alfalfa: How To Grow Alfalfa - Gardening Know How


Feb 25, 2016 ... Prior to planting, you should clean the area, work the soil, and remove any debris . Pure alfalfa seed can be purchased from most feed supply ...

Planting Dates, Seeding Rates


If you seed alfalfa without a companion crop in the spring, you may want to use higher seeding rates. Higher rates have proven economical when alfalfa was ...