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Common Cold Treatments
Antibiotics will not help get rid of a cold and they can make things worse. While there are new anti-viral drugs that can clear up a runny nose a day sooner than if the cold ran its course and that might ease some symptoms, it is not yet determined whether these drugs’ benefits outweigh their risks. So, for now, the best way to control or at least reduce the discomfort is by taking the correct over-the-counter medications based on your... More »
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Oct 25, 2015 ... ... a nasty cold. WebMD shows you how to fight back. ... with something. But don't grab your tissue box and hop into bed just yet -- there are ways to nip that cold in the bud. ... But plain water is best, Carstensen says. If you feel ...


Feb 13, 2013 ... Catching a cold may be hard to avoid, but there are ways to lessen cold duration. ... shorten cold duration, Dr. Novey says supplements aren't your best line ... Finding a healthy way to cope with chronic stress can help fight off ...


Jan 27, 2014 ... For this round with the cold, don't drop your gloves and resign to days of coughing, ... Fight back! ... Not only is sipping on tea a tasty way to hydrate, but it can bring some calming ... The 5 Best Herbs for Spring Allergy Relief.


New research reveals the secret to never getting sick. Hint: It's not in your medicine cabinet!


Cold remedies are almost as common as the common cold, but are they effective ? Nothing can cure a cold, but there are some remedies that might help ease ...


Your step-by-step plan to stop a cold before it gets worse. ... before it takes hold— and feel better by tomorrow. Watch the video: 6 Ways to Prevent Colds & Flu.


Nov 10, 2010 ... If you're experiencing some nasal congestion, one of the best ways to get ... Not only do good sleep habits help you fight off a cold, but they will ...


Mar 28, 2012 ... 10 natural ways you can help your body fight the common cold.


Nov 5, 2012 ... But it turns out there are other cold-fighting heroes out there, too. 1. ... Regular moderate exercise is best for warding off bugs, research shows.