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Fish generally go into an energy saving mode of "rest" but do not "sleep" in the same way land animals do.
Since they do not have eyelids, they sleep with their eyes open.


Fish like bettas that are mainly active during the day do most of their sleeping at night. The question still remains whether bettas experience sleep in exactly the ...

Oct 19, 2016 ... Our family beta fish loves to sleep. Sometimes we think he's dead but we're soon reminded that he's not. These little fish make great family pets.


Bettas are slower than many other types of fish, and often, seem to spend time at ... A question that is often asked by hobbyist fish keepers is “do betta fish sleep?


Apr 6, 2016 ... Contrary to what the pet stores would have you believe, every single betta fish needs more care than a small bowl. They make you think you're ...


May 18, 2017 ... Betta fish do sleep. All living creatures need to rest. Sleep is a must for survival. It is just that the sleeping habits differ in each. Sleeping habits..


Sep 27, 2012 ... Betta fish sleep in a variety of places and positions. Some nestle into the tanks gravel, some find a hiding place within an aquarium ornament, ...


Betta fish in their “sleep” state is more of a general slowing of their metabolism while remaining watchful for predators. Betta fish look for a secure and comfy spot ...


Feb 2, 2014 ... They make these plastic leaves to put into your betta tanks that are designed for your fish to sleep on. They are called betta hammocks. Here is ...


Betta fish, especially the males, are beautiful and relatively easy to keep if you pay ... on the bottom of the tank, or on a leaf or other item in their tank and sleep.