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What Are the Beta Values for Stocks?
Beta values for stocks look at how volatile a stock is in correlation to the stock market. Use beta value for stocks to find stocks that are safe or risky with advice from an investment manager in this free video on investing.... More »
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In finance, the beta of an investment indicates whether the investment is more or less volatile .... The equation of the SML, giving the expected value of the return on asset i, is thus: ... In the same way a stock's beta shows its relation to market shifts, it is also an indicator for required returns on investment (ROI). Given a ...


Beta is a measure of the volatility, or systematic risk, of a security or a ... A security's beta should only be used when a security has a high R-squared value in relation ... For example, if a stock's beta is 1.2, it's theoretically 20% more volatile than ...


Jan 3, 2017 ... How should investors assess risk in the stocks they buy or sell? As you can imagine, ... Value investors scorn the idea of beta because it implies that a stock that has fallen sharply in value is more risky than it was before it fell.


In investing, beta does not refer to fraternities, product testing or old videocassettes - in ... Beta is used also to compare a stock's market risk to that of other stocks. ... In other words, regardless of which way the market moves, the value of cash ...


Inside Value Undervalued stocks. 52%. 32% ... A stock's beta coefficient is a measure of its volatility over time compared to a market benchmark. A beta of 1 ... Calculating beta for a given stock is not too difficult, despite the intimidating jargon.


Stock beta estimates for 100 US large cap stocks. Our time-varying betas reflect recent market conditions and stock behavior and is updated weekly.


Provides a definition of beta including its theory, the pros and cons of the metric, explains how to use beta values when analyzing a stock and its calculation.


Beta is a measure of a company's common stock price volatility relative to the ... Beta values are not calculated if less than 24 months of pricing is available.


Our collection includes a number of articles and books on stock market investment which explain Beta values in greater depth. An introduction to stock exchange ...