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An important Bible verse about understanding interracial marriage is 2 Corinthians ... Deuteronomy 7:1-6 tells the Israelites to destroy all the inhabitants of the ...


The reason God commanded against interracial marriage for the Jews was that people of other races ... The Bible never says that interracial marriage is wrong.


God approves of marriage between a man and a woman of different races because all races are equal in his sight. The Bible says: “God treats everyone on the ...


A number of attempts were made to use the Bible to justify those bans on interracial marriage. Vague assertions were made that God intended for the races to ...


Jul 14, 2009 ... Usually two biblical texts are drawn upon to support that view. ... People say that this is the divine order of things in creation, that God ... I don't see anything, even in Scripture, that would prohibit interracial marriage other than ...


Jan 15, 2009 ... Is there ultimately any such thing as “interracial marriage”? .... So, while the Bible says you can marry relatives as distant as you desire from any ...


Discussion on the biblical perspective on interracial dating and marriage. ... “But,” someone may say, "the New Testament prohibits being unequally yoked.


Mar 20, 2014 ... God's Word tells us that we are all made in the image of God (Gen. 1:26). ... The Lord didn't have to include that account in Scripture. ... Interracial marriage isn't merely acceptable; it reflects the beauty and glory of the gospel.


Explains the Bible's viewpoint on interracial marriages.