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Use Bible Verses by Comparison to read all translations side by side. Study Bible verses using NIV, KJV, ESV, and all versions found on one page.

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Amplified Bible Reading Level: 11, Word-for-word plus additional amplification of word meanings, Those looking for more detailed shades of meaning in ...

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NASB New American Standard Bible (1971; update 1995). AMP Amplified Bible ( 1965). ESV English ... English Bible Translation Comparison chart taken from ...

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Translation. (Abbreviation). Amplified Bible. Common English. Bible (CEB). The Contemporary. English Version (CEV). English Standard. Version (ESV).
We will take a look at one Bible verse translated into each of these versions, giving you an opportunity to compare the text, and then present a detailed explanation of the origin of the translation. Therefore we also, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of wit... More »
By Mary Fairchild, Guide

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Unfortunately, a lot of Bible versions today constitute a rehash of men's ideas ... in this comparison to see if baptismal regeneration is imposed by the translation.

What's the Difference Between Various Bible Versions? | United ...

Mar 23, 2011 ... Although a few textual errors are to be found in some of the manuscripts used in translating the King James Bible, comparisons with other Bible ...

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Comparison Chart of English Bible Translations showing style or type of translation and readibility or grade level. Also notes if apocrypha is available or if using ...

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Bible Version Verse Comparison Charts. What's in your Bible? One of the fundamental deceptions being promoted by modern Bible publishers is that the new ...

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Mar 13, 2014 ... The NIV has topped the CBA's bestselling Bible translation list for ... Tool to see how English Bible translations compare in search terms. Bible ...

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Q: Quick Bible Translation Comparison.
A: I've been around the Bible my whole life. If you're like other Christians, you might be wondering what translation is the best, what one is most accurate and wh... Read More »
Q: Can you recommend good Koine Greek/English language Bible transla...
A: This question is worded kind of confusingly... Are you talking about an interlinear Bible? Because any New Testament translation (except a couple Catholic Bible... Read More »
Q: Which English Bible translation is most accurate in comparison wi...
A: Douay-Rheims. Read More »
Q: How to Choose a Bible Translation.
A: 1. Choose a Bible that corresponds to your faith. Carefully read the cover and introductory pages to find the church name. Catholic and Jehovah Witness versions... Read More »
Q: How to Debate Bible Translations.
A: 1. Start your debate by recognizing that each Bible translation is intentionally different. Each translation has its strengths and weaknesses. Each has an audie... Read More »