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Boulton v. Swanson, No. 14-2308 (6th Cir. 2015) :: Justia


Jul 29, 2015 ... The union initiated mandatory contract arbitration with the Sheriff's Office, at which Undersheriff Swanson testified regarding Taser, firearm, and ...

Morgan v. Swanson - Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals


Sep 27, 2011 ... v. LYNN SWANSON, et al.,. Defendants-Appellants. Appeal from the United States .... The district court denied Swanson and Bomchill's joint.

Publications - Court of Appeals Opinions Issued in 2010


Employment Department et al (A145101); Schoenthal v. ... Department of Human Services and T. J. D. et al v. ..... Swanson; 237 Or App 514 A141236 State v.

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Wells Fargo Bank et al View Case »; Aberasturi et al v. Raymond James Financial Ser View Case .... Standard Chartered Internationa View Case »; Biggerstaff v. Swanson et al View Case »; Bilodeau v. Viegas et al View Case »; Bio Solutions ...

notice - Drinker Biddle


Oct 30, 2014 ... Bais Yaakov of Spring Valley, et al v. FCC, et al ... hereto. This appeal is related to a prior decision of this Court, Nack v. Walburg, No. 11-1460 ..... Swanson, Martin & Bell, LLP. 330 North ..... Robert Biggerstaff. P.O. Box 614.

The Defect in Transcription-Coupled Repair Displayed by a ...


The lack of TCR in rad26 was previously reported (van Goolet al. 1994; Verhage et al. 1996) and our ..... Aboussekhra A.,; Biggerstaff M.,; Shivji M. K.,; Vilpo J. A.,; Moncollin V.,; et al ... Happel A. M.,; Swanson M. S.,; Winston F. , 1991 The SNF2  ...

Repair of Damaged DNA by Arabidopsis Cell Extract - The Plant Cell


Jan 1, 2002 ... The only related assay was reported by Gamper et al. .... of the BER/NER mutants on yeast cell survival observed by Swanson et al. ..... Aboussekhra, A., Biggerstaff , M., Shivji, M.K.K., Vilpo, J.A., Moncollin, V., Podust, V.N., ...

13 - US Department of the Interior


Boyd v. Bartlett -116. Aldraoh, C.W., et al -. -. 572 Brockman, Simpson v -644. Allen Gold .... 124. Dickinson et al., Crawford et. Gold Springs and Denver City al. v -574. Mill site - ...... Biggerstaff 7 L. D., 442--. 197 Nita v. ..... Swanson . Wiseley's  ...

Publications - Models of Infectious Disease Agent Study


Jun 13, 2014 ... He T, Li K, Roberts MS, Spaulding AC, Ayer T, Grefenstette JJ, et al. .... Biggerstaff M, Cauchemez S, Reed C, Gambhir M, Finelli L. Estimates of the ... Cauchemez S, Ledrans M, Poletto C, Quenel P, de Valk H, Colizza V, et al. ..... Swanson RC, Cattaneo A, Bradley E, Chunharas S, Atun R, Abbas KM, et al.

Protein 4.1 tumor suppressors: getting a FERM grip on growth ...


Protein 4.1 interacts with the Band 3 protein ( Pasternack et al., 1985), ... Protein 4.1R interacts with the novel centrosomal protein CPAP ( Hung et al., 2000), the ...... Ikeda, K., Saeki, Y., Gonzalez-Agosti, C., Ramesh, V. and Chiocca, E. A. ( 1999). .... Perry, A., Cai, D. X., Scheithauer, B. W., Swanson, P. E., Lohse, C. M., ...

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July 29, 2015 - Sixth Circuit


Jul 29, 2015 ... Boulton v. Swanson, et al. Page 2 as sergeant and suspended for several days without pay. Boulton brought claims against. Genesee County ...

The Ino80 chromatin-remodeling complex restores chromatin ... - NCBI


The Ino80-C is an ATPase capable of nucleosome sliding in vitro (Shen et al., ..... Aboussekhra A., Biggerstaff M., Shivji M.K., Vilpo J.A., Moncollin V., Podust ... Swanson S.K., Gutiérrez J.L., Coleman M.K., Workman J.L., Mushegian A., et al.

A Biochemically Defined System for Coding Joint Formation in V(D)J ...


Aug 22, 2008 ... V(D)J recombination is the vertebrate gene rearrangement process for ... 12-RSS and a 23-RSS (Gellert, 2002; Lieber, 2007; Schatz, 2004; Swanson, 2004). ... Artemis and DNA-PKcs form a complex within the cell (Ma et al., 2002). ...... Aboussekhra A, Biggerstaff M, Shivji M, Vilpo J, Moncollin V, Podust V, ...