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View our sizing guide to find the right sized road bike for you. ... This handy chart should show you the right size of road bike you need based on your height.


Measurements on the sizing chart reflect the actual measurements of the body's circumference (not product's measurements). Use a cloth measuring tape to ...


This chart applies to 700c road bikes. Frame sizes are centimeters (cm). PDF Icon for Road Bike Frame Size ...


Helpful frame sizing chart to figure out what frame size you need ... you a basic idea of the frame size you need for your bike.


Learn how to choose the right bike frame size. Easy Bike Size Chart + 4 other methods will get the answer! Don't worry about the sizing - read my answers.


The general rule of thumb is to use a sizing chart. Sizing charts are available from all good bike websites and stores. There are slight variations in some of them, ...


Apr 10, 2017 ... Use the sizing chart below to find the right sized mountain bike for you. If you know your height and inseam measurements, you should be able ...


Getting the proper size of the bike is very importand and if it is your first bike you should pay extra attention to it. The right sized bike will be more comfortable, ...


This is a rough guideline and we recommend everyone get fitted at their local bike shop. For a quick guesstimate measure your inseam to the floor and select ...


Use these bike size charts to determine what size frame will be most comfortable for you.