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Jeremiah was the son of Hilkiah, a kohen (Jewish priest) from the ... scholars to refer to him as "the weeping prophet".

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In fact, God had already set Jeremiah apart for the office of a prophet before he was even born, in order to take God's words to all Israel and to the nations (verse  ...

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Jeremiah was born of a priestly family, in the town of Anatoth in Benjamin. His father was the prophet and High-Priest Hilkiah. He began his prophecy during the ...

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Answer: Jeremiah the prophet lived in the final days of the crumbling nation of Israel. ... What we learn from the life of Jeremiah is the comfort of knowing that, just ...

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Excerpted with permission from The Jewish Religion: A Companion (Oxford University Press). Jeremiah was the prophet born in Anathoth, about three miles  ...

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The book of Jeremiah is composed principally of sketches of biography, history and prophecy ... The prophet laments the judgments of God because of their sins.

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Just prior to this episode in Jeremiah's life, an event of extraordinary ... Referred to frequently as “Jeremiah the prophet” in the book that bears his name (20:2; ...

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The prophet Jeremiah prophesied to the Jews in Jerusalem and Judah about 50 years before Jerusalem would fall and be destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar of ...

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והּ ָירִי ְמ) second of the major prophets whose book is the second in the Latter Prophets ... The Life and Message of Jeremiah ... The "Biography" of Jeremiah

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Prophet Jeremiah's biography and life story.Jeremiah (c. 655 BC - 586 BC) meaning "Yah exalts", also called the "Weeping prophet" was one of the major ...

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The great prophet Jeremiah lived during one of the most critical periods in Jewish history. He saw the destruction of Jerusalem and of the Beth Hamikdosh, after ...

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Jeremiah, Hebrew Yirmeyahu, Latin Vulgate Jeremias (born probably after 650 bce, Anathoth, Judah—died c. 570 bce, Egypt) Hebrew prophet, reformer, and ...

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Personal History of Prophet Jeremiah For all times and for every generation God has anointed a prophet to speak to the nations and kingdoms of the earth.