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In philosophy, the matter of personal identity deals with such questions as, "What makes it true ... Nevertheless, this approach has its supporters which define humans as a biological organism and asserts the proposition that a .... In psychology, personal continuity, also called personal persistence, is the uninterrupted ...


I do not have an answer. But I was searching for key words 'biological continuity' and your question came up. I suspect that a lot processes relate back to b...


The thread of descent that connects all life - All life comes from life. A succession of parts intimately united.


Jul 3, 2006 ... Home » Continuity. Continuity. absence of interruption, a succession of parts intimately united, e.g., the unbroken conjunction of cells and ...


Dec 20, 2005 ... 2.1 The Psychological View; 2.2 The Biological View; 2.3 The ..... Instead, while biological continuity preserves our identity across time (this ...


Continuity of life : Living things that arise from other living things of the same type (Biogenesis); Metabolism : Sum of all the chemical reactions in an organism.


In biology, the existence of successive generations of living beings without any gap or interruption of material composition. See germinal continuity.


Jun 23, 2014 ... Under this model, personality traits represent basic tendencies of behavior that are solely influenced by biological (i.e., genetic) mechanisms ...


Abstract. Continuity and change is a core theme in biology that refers to how ... represented as primitives in the representation of biological processes or whether.