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Hypercoagulability Inhibits Monocyte Transendothelial Migration ...


Sep 1, 2009 ... Angelika Bierhaus, PhD; Florian Bea, MD; Erwin Blessing, MD; Hartmut Weiler, PhD; ... increased coagulation activation: mice carrying the factor V ...... Ciano PS, Colvin RB, Dvorak AM, McDonagh J, Dvorak HF. Macro-.

A critical cysteine is required for HMGB1 binding to Toll-like receptor ...


Jun 29, 2010 ... ... were analyzed for levels of TNF (A), IL-1β, IL-6, IL-10, and MIP-2 (B) by ELISA. Data shown are mean ± SEM (n = 4–5). *, P < 0.05 vs. WT. Fig.

Mountains on Io: High-resolution Galileo observations, initial ...


Dec 25, 2001 ... ... S. K. LaVoie ; M. McAuley ; V. Mego ; O. Montoya ; H. B. Mortensen ; S. J. ... K. Williams ; B. Bierhaus ; S. Brooks ; C. R. Chapman ; B. Merline ; J. ... S. Pratt ; L. Prockter ; N. Spaun ; T. Colvin ; M. Davies ; E. M. DeJong ; J. Hall ...

Coagulation Blockade Prevents Sepsis-induced Respiratory and ...


The PaCO2 was controlled at 40 mm Hg in both groups (p = NS for both V˙e and ..... Ciano PS, Colvin RB, Dvorak AM, McDonagh J, Dvorak HF Macrophage ... Abe K, Shoji M, Chen J, Bierhaus A, Danave I, Micko C, Casper K, Dillehay DL, ...

Caspase-3 Activation Triggers Extracellular Cathepsin L Release ...


Feb 12, 2008 ... domain V) released in association with EC apoptosis was found ...... Shimizu, A., Yamada, K., Sachs, D. H., and Colvin, R. B. (2002) Kidney Int. ... D. T., Grinnell, B. W., Chavakis, T., Esmon, C. T., Weiler, H., Bierhaus, A.,.

Mechanisms of Tubulointerstitial Fibrosis


Nov 1, 2010 ... Fibronectin, collagen type V, LTBP, and secreted protein acidic and rich in ..... We thank Youhua Liu, Raymond Harris, Robert Colvin, and Yash Kanwar .... Fukami K,; Thallas-Bonke V,; Nawroth PP,; Brownlee M,; Bierhaus A, ...

The Innate Immune System in Allograft Rejection and Tolerance


Martinon, F., V. Petrilli, A. Mayor, A. Tardivel, and J. Tschopp. 2006. Gout-associ- ated uric ... Orlova, V. V., E. Y. Choi, C. Xie, E. Chavakis, A. Bierhaus, E. Ihanus, .... McCurry, K. R., B. L. Colvin, A. F. Zahorchak, and A. W. Thomson. 2006. Regu- .

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Mar 21, 2009 ... Show less. Reply 1. John Colvin7 months ago. What a cracker! ... Can you do a video about building a birhouse? I can really use a birdhouse..

The Moon Zoo citizen science project: Preliminary results ... - arXiv.org


(McEwen and Bierhaus, 2006), the effects of various forms of erosion on crater ..... location data (Davies and Colvin, 2000; Haase et al., 2012) are up to ~370 m ...... Wolfe, E.W., Lucchitta B.K., Reed V.S., Ulrich G.E., and Sanchez A.G. (1975).

Galileo observations of post-imbrium lunar craters during the first ...


Abstract. Copernican-age craters are among the most conspicuous features seen on the far side and western limb of the Moon in the Galileo multispectral ...

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Advanced Glycation End Products in Infant Formulas Do Not ... - NCBI


Jan 2, 2013 ... Effects of the consumption of low- vs. high-CML-containing formulas were assessed. 36 infants ...... Bierhaus A, Humpert PM, Morcos M, Wendt T, Chavakis T, et al. .... Felton JS, Knize MG, Wu RW, Colvin ME, Hatch FT, et al.

NOD.129(B6) - The Jackson Laboratory


At birth, mice that are homozygous null for the Idua gene are viable, fertile, normal in size and do not display any gross physical or behavioral abnormalities.

Imaging of volcanic activity on Jupiter's moon Io by Galileo during ...


Dec 25, 2001 ... ... S. K. LaVoie ; M. McAuley ; V. Mego ; O. Montoya ; H. B. Mortensen ; S. J. ... K. Williams ; E. Bierhaus ; S. Brooks ; C. R. Chapman ; B. Merline ; J. Keller ... R. Pappalardo ; S. Pratt ; L. Procter ; N. Spaun ; T. Colvin ; M. Davies ...