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The iPod is a line of portable media players and multi-purpose pocket computers designed and ...... Straight Dope on the iPod's Birth, Wired News, October 17, 2006. Retrieved on October 30, 2006...

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Oct 23, 2011 ... But while Jobs had an integral role in the birth of the iPod, no one man created the device. A diverse team of Apple employees and contractors ...

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Inside Look at Birth of the IPod. Leander Kahney Email 07.21.04. Tony Fadell sold Apple on the idea of an MP3 player linked to an online music store, according ...

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To celebrate the iPod's 10th birthday, we embark on a tour of the iconic MP3 player from its very first model, right up to the present day.

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Apple's tiny gadget changed the way we listen to, buy and store music. Here is definitive guide to the history of the iPod.

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In the Wired article, Inside Look at Birth of the IPod, Ben Knauss a former senior manager at PortalPlayer revealed that Fadell was familiar with PortalPlayer's ...

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May 20, 2009 ... At the end of May 2004 Apple's organization underwent a major shakeup. Three years after the introduction of its digital player, the Cupertino ...

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Oct 21, 2011 ... The iPod was not the first MP3 player but Steve Jobs and Apple were the first to get the technology so right it became a mass-market product.

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Apple introduces the second generation iPod, compatible with Windows and holding up to 4,000 songs. Number of iPods sold through 2002: 600,000 ...

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Mar 19, 2011 ... The iPod approaches its ten birthday. Some five billion songs and 270000 iPods later, a look back.