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Bizarre (rapper)

Bizarre was born Rufus Arthur Johnson on July 5, 1976 in Detroit, Michigan. Bizarre grew up living with his single mother. He started rapping when he was in  ...

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markedly unusual in appearance, style, or general character and often involving incongruous or unexpected elements; outrageously or whimsically strange; odd:.

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By Charles Montaldo , GuideFebruary 23, 2010 The lead suspect in the disappearance of Alabama teen Natalee Holloway has reportedly confessed to disposing of her body again to a television crew, but Dutch authorities dismiss the statement as "lies and fantasy."... More »
By Charles Montaldo, Guide

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The latest Tweets from Bizarre D12 (@bizarresworld). Business Inquiries Email: // BOOKING: Call Goast 310-621-0594 Have Bizarre ...

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a : odd, extravagant, or eccentric in style or mode. b : involving sensational contrasts or incongruities. — bi·zarre·ly adverb. — bi·zarre·ness noun. See bizarre ...

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Very strange or unusual, especially in a striking or shocking way. See Synonyms at fantastic. [French, from Italian bizzarro, extravagant, bizarre, from Old Italian, ...

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Borrowing from French bizarre (“odd, peculiar, bizarre, formerly headlong, angry ”). Either from Basque bizar, "a beard" (the notion being that bearded Spanish ...

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Bizarre E.R. is a series exploring some of the most fascinating, extreme and unusual cases ever to have been presented at British Accident and Emergency ...

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