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Feb 23, 2017 ... I've never had a black eye, but I was in a car accident that turned my entire ear dark purple a few years ago. Believe me, it was enough to get ...


Black eye treatment • How to get rid of a black eye • How to prevent black eyes ... Like other bruises, a black eye typically is accompanied by swelling. .... that may help speed up the healing process so your eye can look and feel better faster:.


The following remedies can help you quickly get rid of a black eye. ... Vitamin C helps thicken the walls of the blood vessels, aiding the healing process. ... It can also be used to reduce the swelling and bruising associated with black eye.

Jan 15, 2014 ... Black eyes can be sooooooooo annoying, especially if your going out so I'm here to show you ... Well I haven't done a real stunt in years but got a nasty "black" bruise from a doctor! .... 3rd day of treatment for me, works great!!


Trying some of the following remedies will help to heal a black eye fast. ... juice and use other remedies to help get rid of your black eye faster. ... for years in the treatment of trauma to the face that causes swelling and bruising around the eye.


A Black Eye — How Long Does It Take to Heal? ... Hold it gently but firmly against the bruised area around your eye. ... the injury, thereby helping to reduce swelling and intraocular pressure more quickly, and speeding the healing process.


Apr 10, 2017 ... Here's how to heal and get rid of a black eye. ... "Warmth causes the blood vessels to dilate, and more blood in the skin digests the bruise faster.


Mar 7, 2014 ... Thus, warm compress will speed up the healing of your black eye. .... Poor blood circulation doesn't let your bruise heal faster. With your clean ...


They also help reduce the swelling associated with black eye. Cut thick slices of potato ...