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Smoke from engine or exhaust Inspection Service & Cost ...


If the exhaust smoke is black: Black exhaust doesn't always indicate impending doom. If your car emits a little black smoke at start-up, but it clears up as the ...

What causes black smoke from the exhaust? | Reference.com


Black smoke coming from a vehicle's exhaust system is a sure sign that the engine is consuming too much fuel. The actual cause of the increased fuel ...

Types of Smoke From Your Car Tailpipe & What It Indicates


Different colors of smoke coming out from your car tailpipe may indicate serious ... Thick, black smoke suggests that the engine is being flooded with gasoline.

Exhaust Color Diagnosis | White Smoke Blue Black


A vehicles exhaust color means alot. White exhaust smoke indicates coolant is burning in the combustion chamber, blue exhaust smoke indicates oil, and black  ...

Blue Smoke vs. Black Smoke | Car Trouble | Autobytel.com


When a vehicle is emitting blue or black smoke, chances are that it is not properly tuned or maintained. When a vehicle is poorly tuned or maintained, the ...

Diesel engine problems: black smoke explained - Bell Performance


Jun 20, 2013 ... ... problems. In this post, we discuss black smoke, one of the most common ones. ... Black smoke comes from the tail pipe. I changed the oil and ...

Help! There's Smoke Coming From My Tailpipe! What Does It Mean?


Jan 22, 2015 ... There are three kinds of smoke—white, blue, and black—and here's a basic ... Blue smoke results from oil mixing with the exhaust gases or ...

Tailpipe Smoke | Car Emissions - Consumer Reports


Black, sooty smoke is usually symptomatic of an engine that's burning too much fuel. Because engines run inefficiently when cold, they use extra fuel at start-up ...

Diagnose Exhaust Smoke - Auto Diagnosis Repair Help


Black smoke coming out of the tailpipe on a vehicle with a gasoline engine is a sign of a rich fuel mixture (too much fuel, not enough air). A brief puff of black ...

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Nov 29, 2013 ... If your engine is showing color change of its exhaust there could be ... Black, Blue , White and grey on exhaust smoke means or what type of ...
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What Does the Smoke from My Exhaust Mean? » AutoGuide.com ...


Jan 31, 2013 ... Black smoke is usually the easiest issue to diagnose and fix, but burning unnecessary fuel will definitely affect your fuel economy, so don't think ...

Got Black Smoke? Follow This Easy Step By Step Guide - 2CarPros


Jun 23, 2016 ... Easy step by step repair guide on how to repair black smoke from the engine exhaust system. This article pertains to most non hybrid vehicles.

Black Exhaust Smoke Diagnosis - Auto Repair - About.com


Black smoke coming from your tail pipe can indicate a larger issue. See this for information about your black exhaust smoke. Page 4.