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Black snake may refer to: Snakes: Agkistrodon piscivorus, a.k.a. the cottonmouth, a venomous pitviper species found in North America; Coluber constrictor, ...

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Read this article to find out some common myths about black snakes and how to deal with any close encounters you might have in your yard or garden.

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When the black snake / flashed onto the morning road, / and the truck could not swerve-- / death, that is how it happens. / Now he lies looped and useless / as an  ...

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The black swampsnake inhabits coastal areas from North Carolina to Florida ( Figure 1). This small snake (10–15 inches) has smooth scales, a glossy black back ...

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Black Rat Snake Biology: In general, black rat snakes are a medium-sized snake. Their average length is between 40 to 70 inches. The widest point of the ...

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Natural History. Description: The Black Ratsnake is one of the most common snakes found in West Virginia. It is considered to be the state's largest serpent.

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2nd place. Golden Schmoes, Best Actress of the Year Christina Ricci. Nominated Golden Schmoes, Most Underrated Movie of the Year. Favorite Movie Poster of ...

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Learn about the biology, range and behavior of the black rat snake.

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Nov 14, 2016 ... One snowy afternoon in April, a small group of Native Americans rode on horseback through the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation and set up ...