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According to FCPS.edu, the most common black snake with yellow stripes is the eastern garter snake. This snake has a broad range and is found throughout most of North America, espe...

A black snake with yellow stripes may be a ribbon snake, a striped racer or a garter snake.

Eastern Ribbon Snake


The eastern ribbon snake or common ribbon snake (Thamnophis sauritus ... It is a slender, black snake with a yellow mid-back stripe and one on each side.

Austin Area Snake Identification: Snakes With Stripes


Checkered Garter Snake: Males: 12-18 inches, females: up to 3 feet. Thin white or yellow stripe down the back, surrounded by checkerboard pattern of black ...

Orange-Striped Ribbonsnake (Western Ribbon Snake) | Missouri ...


This long, slender snake is a type of gartersnake. Two wide, black stripes border a yellow or orange stripe down its back. Below the black stripes is a narrow ...

eastern garter snake


The Eastern Garter Snake is one of our most common snakes. ... It's color patterns can vary, but it almost always has three yellow stripes. ... Black Rat Snake.

Venomous Snakes

www.concordia.edu/sitefiles/w3/univservices/poisonous snakes.pdf

These snakes have broad bands in alternating colors of copper and light ... An orange stripe of vary- ... A long and slender snake with yellow and black stripes.

Common Garter Snake - Snakes of Massachusetts


Generally, you can recognize this most common of all New England snakes by its pattern of yellow stripes on a black or brown background. Although the pattern ...

Non-venomous Snakes of Florida Photo Gallery by Daniel D. Dye at ...


Black Rat Snake (Pantherophis obsoletus obsoletus), Southern ..... The color was green and yellow stripes that ran the length of the snake. What type of snake ...

California Snakes Photo Index - California Herps


california, snakes, photos, pictures. ... Western Yellow-bellied Racer Coluber constrictor mormon ... snake. Alameda Striped Racer Coluber (Masticophis) lateralis euryxanthus ... Salvadora hexalepis virgultea, Smith's Black-headed Snake

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Q: Black snake yellow stripes?
A: garter snake. They my try to bite you, but their only feisty at first. they aren't poisonous. Read More »
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Q: What is a black snake with yellow stripes.
A: sheddar. Read More »
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Q: What is a black snake with yellow stripes.
A: The Ribbon snake (Thamnophis sauritus) is a common snake found throughout North America that is black with yellow stripes. It is not Read More »
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Q: Black snake with yellow stripes california?
A: This question is a bit vague, care to add more? if you're asking what kind of snake it is, it can be one of either; Mohave shovel-nosed snake. Nevada shovel-nos... Read More »
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Q: What is a black snake with yellow stripes in Virginia rivers?
A: QUEEN SNAKE This slender, brown or gray aquatic snake has a yellowish stripe along the lower sides of its body. MORE? ! Read More »
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