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CpG Oligodeoxynucleotide


CpG oligodeoxynucleotides (or CpG ODN) are short single-stranded synthetic DNA molecules ... Since 1893, it has been recognized that Coley's toxin, a mixture of bacterial cell lysate, has immuno...

2015 Middle District of North Carolina U.S. Federal District Court ...


NEAL v. CAPITAL ONE BANK USA NA et al. Date: December 17, 2015. Docket Number: 1: ... FUNDERBURK v. COLEY et al ...... BLACKWELL v. ST. MORITZ ...

Resource availability and plant anti-herbivore defense


Oct 18, 2005 ... Phyllis D. Coley; John P. Bryant, F. Stuart Chapin. Science, New ... Phyllis D. Coley is in the Department of Biology,. University of ...... Rodriquez et al., s. ( Plenum, New ... E. Southwºod, Frisects ºri Plarity (Blackwell,. Öxford ...

Convergence in defense syndromes of young leaves in tropical ...


(Kursar et al., 1999; Coley and Aide, 1991). Physical defenses, such as .... 50% methanol/water (v/v), and extracted with 20 mL of hexane. To assay, 0.12 mL.

2016 Denied | Supreme Court of Georgia


JANUARY January 11, 2016 S15C1861. TRIPP v. THE STATE (A15A0654) ... GOLSHANI et al. (A15A0987). January 19, 2016. S16C0311. COLEY v. MILLER  ...

The merging of community ecology and phylogenetic biology


Community assembly, deterministic vs. neutral processes, ecosystem processes, ... of community assembly and diversity (e.g. Webb et al. 2002; ... 2009 Blackwell Publishing Ltd/CNRS ...... in the strength of enemy attack (Coley & Barone 1996;.

Coexistence between native and exotic species ... - Brown University

www.brown.edu/Research/Sax_Research_Lab/Documents/PDFs/Heard and Sax 2013 - Ecology Letters.pdf

rates and investment in herbivore defenses (Coley et al. 1985), ... 2012 Blackwell Publishing Ltd/CNRS ... by numerous exotic species over time (Heard et al. 2012) ...... Vila`, M., Espinar, J.L., Hejda, M., Hulme, P.E., Jarošık, V., Maron, J.L. et al.

a growth-defence trade-off is the norm - Digital Repository @ Iowa ...


2013 Blackwell Publishing Ltd/CNRS ... tory (the resource availability hypothesis; Coley et al. ... In the competition-defence trade-off (sensu Chase et al. ..... * Standard major axis regression (SMA) slope of response to fencing vs. response.

Effects of Plant Extracts on Developmental Stages of the ... - BioOne


and adapt to various temperatures and prey(Torres et al. 1998 ... 1998; Coley et al. 2006). ... Blackwell 1994; Isman 2006). .... et al. 1991; Mordue & Blackwell 1993). .... Kumar JA, Rekha T, Devi SS, Kannan M, Jaswanth A, Gopal V. 2010.

Tansley review - Geosciences


Blackwell Publishing Ltd. Oxford, UK .... insect herbivory as early as the Late Silurian (Edwards et al.,. 1995; 417 ... deposits, vs 103–6 yr for bone beds) and, with very rare and ..... 1993; Cannon, 1998; Coley, 1998; Bale et al., 2002; Zvereva.

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Shifts in species richness, herbivore specialization, and plant ... - NCBI


Jul 1, 2012 ... Recent evidence indicates that herbivore diversity (Beck et al. ... should relax plant resistance and promote insect generalization (Coley and Aide 1991). ..... Please note: Wiley-Blackwell are not responsible for the content or functionality of any ... Fiedler K. Diet breadth and host plant diversity of tropical- vs.

Environmental Permitting Cases - SC Administrative Law Court ...


06-ALJ-07-0073-CC - - Concerned Citizens of the Bend Community, et al vs. SCDHEC, et al ... vs. Bush Oil Co., Inc., Jake Roper, d/b/a Roper 66, et al - 12/31/ 2008 ... 07-ALJ-07-0625-CC - - Wallace B. Wood, Gary duTeau, and Judy Blackwell Self vs. SCDHEC ...... 00-ALJ- 07-0637 -CC - - Sammy Coley et al. vs. SCDHEC ...

Standard PDF - Wiley Online Library


1988; Kursar & Coley 1992a; Miyazawa et al. 280 S.-I. Miyazawa ... such as Smes and Sc (Evans et al. 1994 ... 2001 Blackwell Science Ltd, Plant, Cell and Environment, 24, 279–291 ... HEPES-KOH (pH 7·5), 5 mm EDTA, 0·3% (w/v) soluble.