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CpG oligodeoxynucleotides (or CpG ODN) are short single-stranded synthetic DNA molecules ... Since 1893, it has been recognized that Coley's toxin, a mixture of bacterial cell lysate, has immunostimulatory properties ... Then, in 1995 Krieg et al. demonstrated that the CpG motif within bacterial DNA was responsible for the ...


OFFICE OF PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT, (OPM) et al. Date: December 21, 2015 ... NEAL v. CAPITAL ONE BANK USA NA et al. Date: December 17, 2015. Docket Number: 1: ... FUNDERBURK v. COLEY et al ...... BLACKWELL v. ST. MORITZ ...


Mar 4, 2016 ... Barnett J.H., Hachinski V., Blackwell A.D. Cognitive health begins at conception: Addressing ... E.H., Fitó M., Pérez-Heras A., Salas-Salvadó J., et al. .... Moll van Charante E.P., Coley N., Fratiglioni L., Neely A.S., Vellas B.


2005; van Hulten et al. ... Here we investigate differential defense responses of host plants to a native versus an exotic .... 2006; Gandhi and Herms 2009; Raupp et al. ... (Häggström and Larsson 1995; Benry and Denne 1997; Coley et al. ..... Articles from Ecology and Evolution are provided here courtesy of Wiley- Blackwell.


Blackwell Publishing, Ltd. ... and pathogens results in higher plant vigour (e.g. Coley et al. 1985; Herms & Mattson 1992; Keane & Crawley ..... Treatment factors are provenance of the plants (invasive vs. native plants) and slug density (slug ...


May 14, 2012 ... differences of diet breadth (Fiedler 1998; Dyer et al. 2007;. Novotny et al. ... Ecology and Evolution published by Blackwell Publishing Ltd. This is an open access ... promote insect generalization (Coley and Aide 1991). Specifically, we ..... vs. temperate-zone herbivores: south-east Asian and west Palae-.


by biotic and abiotic stress factors in the environment (Nepi et al. 2009; Heil 2011 ). The ecological .... 2012 Blackwell Publishing Ltd, Plant, Cell and Environment, 36, 528–541 .... (V. Mathur and N. M. van Dam, personal observations), between ..... Heil et al. 2001;. Bixenmann, Coley & Kursar 2011), but several studies have.


Bixenmann, R.J., P.D. Coley, A. Weinhold and T.A. Kursar. 2016. ... Forister, M.L et al. 2015. ... Pests vs. drought as determinants of plant distribution along a tropical rainfall gradient. ... Tropical Forest Community Ecology, Wiley-Blackwell.


Dec 9, 2016 ... COLEY v. MILLER (A15A1542); S16C0320. JONES v. THE STATE (A15A0981); S16C0335. LIE et al. v. 2420 PIEDMONT ROAD, LLC, d/b/a ...


and adapt to various temperatures and prey(Torres et al. 1998 ... 1998; Coley et al. 2006). ... Blackwell 1994; Isman 2006). .... et al. 1991; Mordue & Blackwell 1993). .... Kumar JA, Rekha T, Devi SS, Kannan M, Jaswanth A, Gopal V. 2010.