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Environmental Permitting Cases - SC Administrative Law Court ...


06-ALJ-07-0073-CC - - Concerned Citizens of the Bend Community, et al vs. SCDHEC, et al ... vs. Bush Oil Co., Inc., Jake Roper, d/b/a Roper 66, et al - 12/31/ 2008 ... 07-ALJ-07-0625-CC - - Wallace B. Wood, Gary duTeau, and Judy Blackwell Self vs. SCDHEC ...... 00-ALJ- 07-0637 -CC - - Sammy Coley et al. vs. SCDHEC ...

Resource availability and plant anti-herbivore defense


Oct 18, 2005 ... Phyllis D. Coley; John P. Bryant; F. Stuart Chapin. Science, New ... Phyllis D. Coley is in' the Department of Biology,. University of ...... Rodriquez et al.. ( Plenum. ... E. Southwood, insects on Plants (Blackwell. Oxford. 1984).

Leaf digestibility and litter decomposability are related in a wide ...


Dec 8, 2004 ... 1998; Aerts, Verhoeven & Wigham 1999; Pérez-Harguindeguy et al. 2000a; Quested et al. 2003). It has been proposed that foliar protection or 'defence' ( sensu Coley, Bryant & Chapin ..... Indeed, N concentrations of green leaves vs leaf litter were less correlated across .... Blackwell Scientific, Oxford, U...

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Host plant defense signaling in response to a coevolved herbivore ...


... response, specifically tailored to the threatening herbivore (Frost et al. ... Here we investigate differential defense responses of host plants to a native versus an ..... (Häggström and Larsson 1995; Benry and Denne 1997; Coley et al. ..... Articles from Ecology and Evolution are provided here courtesy of Wiley- Blackwell.

a growth-defence trade-off is the norm - HJ Andrews Experimental ...


2013 Blackwell Publishing Ltd/CNRS. Ecology Letters ... tory (the resource availability hypothesis; Coley et al. 1985; Fine ..... 'rpart' in R v 2.14 for this analysis.

a growth-defence trade-off is the norm


2013 Blackwell Publishing Ltd/CNRS. Ecology Letters ... tory (the resource availability hypothesis; Coley et al. 1985; Fine ..... 'rpart' in R v 2.14 for this analysis.

The merging of community ecology and phylogenetic biology


Community assembly, deterministic vs. neutral processes, ecosystem processes, ... of community assembly and diversity (e.g. Webb et al. ... 2009 Blackwell Publishing Ltd/CNRS ...... within families or genera) (Berenbaum 1990; Coley et al.

Publications from the Arnold Lab


Higginbotham, S.J., A.E. Arnold, A. Ibañez, C. Spadafora, P.D. Coley, T.A. ... Ortega, H. et al. ... Wijeratne, E.M.K., et al. ... Arnold, A.E., J. Miadlikowska, K.L. Higgins, S.D. Sarvate, P. Gugger, A. Way, V. Hofstetter, ... Blackwell Scientific, Inc. pp.

Volume Index - State Cases


Abbott v. Town of Highlands, 52 N.C. App. 69, 277 S.E.2d 820 (1981) . ... Blackwell v. ... 1 et al.: Volume Index - State Cases. Published by Scholarly Repository @ Campbell University School of Law, 1992 ...... Coley-Bardin, 156 N.C. 255, 72.

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