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Counterfeit money is imitation currency produced without the legal sanction of the state or ..... using colors, but recently reversed its decision, after learning some counterfeiters were bleaching the ink off the bills and printing them as $100 bills.


COUNTERFEIT MONEY CIRCULATION IS SOMETHING I DON'T BELIEVE IN. PEOPLE .... (I found this to work better than bleach and a lot less fumes.) 2)$1 or  ...

Oct 11, 2010 ... at Pontiac Shell, I was not the one to take this, & this is just a copy of it, it looked like a real one hundred bill until you saw the watermark witch ...


Sep 10, 2012 ... For months, federal authorities say, Larry Antonio Graham went to an Orlando Bank of America branch where he exchanged $20 bills for $5 bills ...


May 7, 2014 ... Technology (and uniform bill sizes) make American paper money too ... small- scale counterfeiters who bleach authentic one- and five-dollar ...


Jan 18, 2016 ... The U.S. Dollar is the most popular form of currency world wide ... Just remember, YOU SHOULD NEVER DO THIS, but this how you counterfeit money. ... He then used bleach to remove the ink from any unprotected areas.


Mar 21, 2011 ... The arrest of two brothers who admitted they printed counterfeit money underscores the danger of counterfeits and importance of fraud ...


Nov 23, 2011 ... He bleached the $5 bills with solvents and cleaners, before putting the ... to produce more than $1million in counterfeit money, authorities say.


Dec 9, 2013 ... The bleached counterfeit bills could pass the pen test because they were ... Service, said about $15,000 in counterfeit money was produced.