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Bloodstain pattern analysis


Bloodstain pattern analysis (BPA), one of several specialties in the field of forensic science, involves the study and analysis of bloodstains at a known or ...

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis: How It's Done


The shape of the bloodstain pattern will depend greatly on the force used to propel the blood as well as the surface it lands on. Forward spatter from a gunshot ...

How Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Works | HowStuffWorks


Bloodstain pattern analysis is one method crime-scene investigators use to get the scene to tell a story. Learn about bloodstain pattern analysis and why it ...

Forensic Science - Bloodstain Pattern Analysis


The recognition and analysis of bloodstain patterns can yield useful investigative information. The general role of the Bloodstain Pattern Analyst in a criminal ...

Scientific Working Group for Bloodstain Pattern Analysis (SWGSTAIN)


The mission of SWGSTAIN is to promote and enhance the development of quality forensic bloodstain pattern analysis (BPA) practices through the collaborative ...

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Certification Requirements


The applicant for certification must have a minimum of 240 hours of instruction in associated fields of study related to bloodstain pattern analysis/interpretation.

Bloodstains - Crime Scene Forensics


The following Information may be obtained from a. proper Bloodstain Pattern Analysis: 1. Distance from the blood source to the target. 2. Direction of travel and  ...

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Terminology (SWGSTAIN) – HemoSpat


After several years of discussion and debate, the Scientific Working Group for Bloodstain Pattern Analysis (SWGSTAIN) has released its recommended ...

HemoSpat – Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Software


HemoSpat bloodstain pattern analysis software is used to calculate the area of origin for impact patterns at crime scenes. Performing this directional analysis of ...

Reliability Assessment of Current Methods in Bloodstain Pattern ...


NIJ Award # 2010-DN-BX-K213. Reliability Assessment of Current Methods in Bloodstain. Pattern Analysis. Final Report for the National Institute of Justice.

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Bloodstain Tutorial - Blood Spatter


Bloodstain Pattern Analysis: The examination of the shapes, locations and distribution patterns of bloodstains in order to provide an interpretation of the physical ...

Journal of Bloodstain Pattern Analysis


Sep 2, 2015 ... In the case of bloodstain pattern analysis that means to get quality .... differences between bloodstain patterns created with fresh blood with and ...

Bloodstain Pattern Analyst Certification


Bloodstain Pattern Analyst Certification. NOTICE: Any Applications Received on/ after Jan 1, 2017 will be subject to the following fees: Members $300, ...