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Bloodstain pattern analysis


Bloodstain pattern analysis (BPA), one of several specialties in the field of forensic science, inolves the study and analysis of bloodstains at a known or ...

A Simplified Guide To Bloodstain Pattern Analysis - Crime Scene ...


bloodstain pattern analysts can examine the blood evidence left behind and ... Bloodstain pattern analysis (BPA) is the interpretation of bloodstains at a.

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis: How It's Done


The shape of the bloodstain pattern will depend greatly on the force used to propel the blood as well as the surface it lands on. Forward spatter from a gunshot ...

Bloodstain Tutorial


Bloodstain Pattern Analysis: The examination of the shapes, locations and distribution patterns of bloodstains in order to provide an interpretation of the physical ...

By Timothy Roufa , About.com GuideNovember 19, 2011 If you enjoy solving puzzles and don't mind the sight, feel and smell of blood, you may want to consider a career as a bloodstain pattern analyst . Like the popular TV character Dexter, bloodstain pattern analysts are... More »
By Timothy Roufa, About.com Guide

How Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Works - HowStuffWorks


Bloodstain pattern analysis is one method crime-scene investigators use to get the scene to tell a story. Learn about bloodstain pattern analysis and why it ...

International Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysts | IABPA


The IABPA is an organization of forensic experts specializing in the field of bloodstain pattern analysis. The purpose of this page is to introduce you to the IABPA ...

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis


Bloodstain pattern analysis can range from the simple to the complex. The trails of blood in a crime scene or castoff blood patterns are reasonably ...

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Terminology : SWGSTAIN - HemoSpat


After several years of discussion and debate, the Scientific Working Group for Bloodstain Pattern Analysis (SWGSTAIN) has released its recommended ...

Bloodstain Pattern Analyst Certification


Apply for a New / Renewal Certification or to update your Profile information. Online Certification. Application for renewal may not be made prior to 12 months of ...

Popular Q&A
Q: What is Bloodstain pattern analysis?
A: Bloodstain pattern analysis is used to determine the direction and (subjectively) the speed of a drop of blood at an incident scene. Round drops are typically i... Read More »
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Q: Income of a Bloodstain Pattern Analysis?
A: depending on your zip code, salary.com say medium bracket is $47,000. go there yourself to get more specific. free site and VERY accurate. 0 0 Comment Read More »
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Q: How bloodstain pattern analysis works?
A: If you're flipping channels one day and come upon a crime scene as depicted on ­one of the many. TV. shows that focus on forensic science -- like ". CSI. " or "... Read More »
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Q: What is bloodstain pattern analysis?
A: Bloodstain pattern analysis is the discipline of analyzing bloodstain patterns to determine (1) the type of bloodstain it is, (2) how it got deposited, (3) wher... Read More »
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Q: What type of college degree to you need to become a bloodstain pa...
A: I believe it is Forensic Science Read More »
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