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Ongoing Cases - Vibram USA Inc., Et Al. - Berman DeValerio


Bezdek v. Vibram USA Inc., et al., No. 12-10513-DPW (D. Mass). On March 21, 2012, Berman DeValerio filed a class action complaint against Vibram USA Inc.,  ...

FAIRHOLME FUNDS, INC. et al v. USA :: United States Court of ...


Case No. 1:13-cv-00465-MMS in the United States Court of Federal Claims.

Patrick E. Cafferty et al., re: Indirect Purchaser Actions (June 2, 2006)


Organon USA Inc. and Akzo Nobel. N.V. improperly .... Blake v. Abbott. Laboratories, et al., No. L-. 8950 (Cir. Ct. Blount. County, Tenn.) Horizontal price- fixing.

The role of the amino acid residue at α1: 189 in the binding of ...


Jan 29, 2009 ... Two-electrode voltage clamp recordings (VH=−60 mV; Axon Geneclamp .... GraphPad Prism (GraphPad Software Inc., San Diego, CA, USA) was .... We used an electrophysiological method (see Methods; also;) to ..... David Hill and Eleanor Pow are employees of Organon who ... Blount P, Merlie JP (1989).

The Actin-Driven Movement and Formation of Acetylcholine ...


Sep 18, 2000 ... conjugated secondary antibodies were obtained from Organon-Teknika ... with SP6 RNA polymerase using a kit from Ambion, Inc., following the ... Dai et al. Actin and ACh Receptor Cluster Movement and Formation ..... 4Dt v. 2 t. 2. +. = Figure 4. Cortactin-EGFP expression. (A and B) In unstimulated cells, ...

The antiprogestin RU486 dissociates LH and FSH secretion in male ...


ary surge of FSH (Knox & Schwartz 1992, Knox et al. ... obtained from Peninsula Laboratories, Inc., Belmont, CA,. USA. Immediately before use, the ... (Organon International BV, Oss, The Netherlands). .... E.M. (12 rats per group). a=P<0·05 and b=P<0·01 vs .... Bilezikjian LM, Corrigan AZ, Blount AL & Vale W 1996 Pituitar...

Role of Immune Cells in Protection against and Control of Reovirus ...


Mar 25, 1991 ... Immune cells and an MAb to the cell attachment protein al (MAb G5) .... MAb treatment is modified from that of Goronzy et al. (13) ... IgG (heavy- and light- chain specific; Cappel Organon ... MR700 ELISA reader (Dynatech Laboratories, Inc., Chan- ..... reovirus infection, and (v) immune cells differed in the.

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Sciences Inc., Boston, MA, USA) according to the method described previously [9 ]. ... the initial rate was determined from the initial velocity (v) using MO- ... reacted with anti-rat IgG coupled with FITC (Organon Teknika. Corp., PA, USA) .... M. Shibata et al. .... [14] Wolters, P.J., Raymond, W.W., Blount, J.L. and Caughey, G.H..

Relationship between Total and High Molecular Weight Adiponectin ...


Dec 9, 2008 ... Printed in U.S.A. ... infusion of heparin (250 U/h Hepalean; Organon Teknika, ... Isotopes Laboratories Inc., Andover, MA) was started at time zero (11). .... 1.5 vs. 5.1. 1.7 mol/kg lean body weight min 1) or at high insulin ... Lavoie et al. ..... Jimenez-Linan M, Blount M, Yeo GS, Lopez M, Seppanen-Laakso.

Inhibin A and B in Vitro Bioactivities Are Modified by Their Degree of ...


The method of Scott et al. ... A commercial recombinant human inhibin B preparation (R&D Systems Inc., Minneapolis, MN) was used as reference preparation.

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No. 13-465C - US Court of Federal Claims


Dec 9, 2013 ... FAIRHOLME FUNDS, INC., et al.,. Plaintiffs, v. THE UNITED STATES,. Defendant. DEFENDANT'S ..... Huntleigh USA Corp. v. United States,.

The Actin-Driven Movement and Formation of Acetylcholine ... - NCBI


1995; Peppelenbosch et al. ... secondary antibodies were obtained from Organon -Teknika Cappel. ... with SP6 RNA polymerase using a kit from Ambion, Inc., following the manufacturer's .... where v is the mean speed of actin-driven movement. ..... [PubMed]; Phillips W.D., Kopta C., Blount P., Gardner P.D., Steinbach J.H., ...

The Transmembrane Topology of the Amino Terminus of the CY ...


0 1991 by The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Inc. Vol. ... predominantly the sequence 0452-159 (Criado et al., 1985), .... the construct PBal (Blount and Merlie, 1988) by oligonucleotide- ... Organon Teknika (West Chester, PA). ..... Isenberg, K. E., Mudd, J., Shah, V., and Merlie, J. P. (1986) Nucleic.