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Alien Blue - Wikipedia


Alien Blue, stylized as AlienBlue, was an iOS application for browsing Reddit. It was the official and the most popular Reddit client on the App Store. The app ...

This Blue Alien Planet Is Not at All Earth-Like - Space.com


Nov 1, 2016 ... The alien planet HD 189733b is a beautiful blue dot in a sea of inky blackness, just like Earth. But that's where the similarities between the two ...

Alien Blue : reddit Client for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch Discussion


For a bunch of helpful videos on how to use alien blue, head on over to /r/ AlienBlue101 .... Other Reddit apps are working fine but Alien Blue is my favorite.

Blue Planet Project - 06


SOME KINDS OF ALIEN LIFE FORMS WE KNOW ABOUT. An Anthropological Analysis. U.S. Government Data from Autopsies of Aliens. Uni-Terrestrial Data ...

Alien Blue for iPad - reddit official client on the App Store


Sep 23, 2015 ... Enjoy the best and most entertaining content on the web with Alien Blue, the official reddit client! The iPad version of the app is specifically ...

Exopaedia :: Blue-skinned aliens

www.exopaedia.org/Blue-skinned aliens

Several stories mention humanoid alien races with a blue skin. These usually refer to Andromedans. The Andromedans were the "blue race" that landed in ...

Nope, That Weird Blue Sphere In Space Isn't Aliens


Nov 21, 2016 ... If you were on Facebook this weekend, you may have seen an image showing a mysterious blue sphere in space and a whole bunch of ...

Blue Alien Network | The Hive


Blue Alien Network is an official UFO and Alien Research site with UFO pictures and videos, Alien Pictures and videos, Abduction Stories, Sightings, and News.

Alien Abduction - Blue Aliens with Blue Skin - Hybrids Rising


The Blues-Aliens With Blue Skin. By Hybrids Rising. The HR Team asks you to bear in mind that the reports and examples of Blue beings referenced in this ...

Blue Star Prophecy – Miriam Delicado: Knowing we are not alone ...


Miriam Delicado: Blue Star Prophecy: Media ... I spent three hours with Tall Blond humanoid aliens/extraterrestrials/star beings/ Great Ancestors, as they shared ...