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The blue jay occurs from southern Canada through the eastern and central United States south to Florida and ...

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Photographs of this bird, its eggs and nestlings, its description, range, habitat, migratory habits and a sound file.

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The Bluejay is one of the most colorful birds to nest in our backyards and to visit our feeders. Considered by some to be a bully at the bird feeder, most of us ...

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Blue jays are sometimes known to eat eggs or nestlings, and it is this practice that has tarnished their reputation. In fact, they are largely vegetarian birds. Most of ...

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Blue Jay eggs are blue or light brown with brown speckles. These eggs measure 1 to 1.3 inches in length and have an incubation period of about 18...

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The Blue Jay has specific nesting habits where they build nests in the “V” of trees. Female Blue Jays lay 3-6 eggs and the male's main purpose is to bring food to ...

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Blue Jay Habitat. Blue jays live in deciduous, coniferous, and mixed forests throughout the eastern and central areas of the ...

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"Learn about the Blue Jay; Their mating habits, nesting preference, feeding preference, birdhouses and other interesting Blue Jay facts."

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Conservation status, May have declined initially with clearing of eastern forest, before it adapted to nesting in cities. Now common, expanding range toward ...

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Blue jays build loose and untidy nests of barks, twigs, leaves, and grasses in trees and shrubs. The female lays three to six eggs at a time. These can be blue,  ...