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Validation of SenseWear Armband and ActiHeart monitors for ...


Nov 26, 2013 ... It has been used to measure AEE in COPD patients (Watz et al. ..... in the estimation of TEE in other adult populations (St-Onge et al. ... reliable assessment of AEE in children and adult men (De Bock et al. ... [PMC free article] [PubMed]; Cavalheri V, Donária L, Ferreira T, Finatti M, Camillo C, Ramos E, et al .

Synaptic proteins and receptors defects in autism spectrum disorders


Sep 11, 2014 ... In DSM-V, ASDs includes disorders that were previously diagnosed separately, such as autistic ... Later, the Autism Genome Project Consortium et al. ...... Feyder M., Karlsson R. M., Mathur P., Lyman M., Bock R., Momenan R., et al. ... Spiegelman D., Piton A., Lafrenière R. G., Laurent S., St-Onge J., et al.

Prefrontal cortical–striatal dopamine receptor mRNA expression ...


Mar 20, 2013 ... This task was modified from Floresco et al. .... ends of each behavioral spectrum ( e.g. high vs. low impulsivity) are more ..... St. Onge et al.

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Apr 4, 2013 ... 1997; Nelson et al., 2006; Goldfinger et al., 2008, 2012). Strong ground shaking .... based on regional modeling of Bock et al., 2003 as plotted in Subarya et al., 2006). Historic .... et al., 2010; Mosher and Piper, 2007; St-Onge et al., 2004,. 2011). ... SASZ: 2007, RR0705 cores), and R/V Melville (CSZ. 1999 ...

A focus on the role of Pax4 in mature pancreatic islet β-cell ...


Nov 23, 2007 ... 1993, Sorenson & Brelje 1997, Butler et al. 2003). ... 1997, St-Onge et al. 1997 ..... Bock T. 2004The source(s) for new pancreatic β cells in adult life. .... Corcelle V,; Stieger B,; Gjinovci A,; Wollheim CB &; Gauthier BR.

Hybridization is associated with changes in sexual system in the ...


Apr 6, 2015 ... Contigs were assembled using the program Sequencher v.4.8 ... We used the program PartitionFinder (Lanfear et al., 2012) to select the best .... 1998; St. Onge et al., 2012), but comparisons between nuclear and plastid gene trees are often insightful. ..... Stegemann S.,; M. Keuthe,; S. Greiner, and; R. Bock.

A 6600 year earthquake history in the region of the ... - Geosphere


duction zone earthquake: Geosphere, v. 11, no. 6, p. ..... 1; Bock et al.,. 2003 .... Schafer, 1996; St-Onge et al., 2004), Canadian Arctic (sediment provenance.

Prefrontal Cortical Contribution to Risk- Based ... - Cerebral Cortex


Nov 5, 2009 ... larger, yet more costly rewards (Floresco, St Onge, et al. 2008). Dissociable .... Trial Bock interaction (at P > 0.1 level), animals were judged to.

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Hardenbol, P. Jain, M. Stolc, V. Ronaghi, M. Davis, RW . .... Schlecht U, Miranda M, Suresh S, Davis RW, St Onge RP. ... Smith, A. M., Durbic, T., Oh, J., Urbanus, M., Proctor, M., Heisler, L. E., et al. ...... Gassner N.C., Tamble C.M., Bock J.E., Cotton N., White K.N., Tenney K., St Onge R.P., Proctor M.J., Giaever G., Nislow C ., ...

A 6600 year earthquake history in the region of the 2004 Sumatra ...


Building on an initial examination of styles of sediment transport (Patton et al., 2013a), ... system velocity based on Nuvel-1A; Bock et al., 2003; Subarya et al., 2006). .... Syvitski and Schafer, 1996; St-Onge et al., 2004), Canadian Arctic ( sediment ..... Sumatra bathymetry was collected by expeditions (R/V Natsushima —Japan .....