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The 10 critical pieces of motorcycle body armor include the chest protector, neck collar, gloves, leg guards, boots, hip armor, jacket, back protector, helmet, and elbow and knee p...

Personal armor

Personal armor (also known as body armor) is the whole of protective clothing, designed to absorb and/or deflect slashing, bludgeoning, and penetrating attacks  ...

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It was not until the late 19th century that the first use of soft body armor in the United States was recorded. While the garments were shown to be effective against low-velocity bullets, those traveling at 400 feet per second or less, they did not offer protection aga... More »
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We offer a wide range of body armor products, ballistic plates and accessories including tactical body armor, hard armor, and concealable body armor. We are ...

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High quality body armor, tactical gear and police supply. Point Blank, 5.11, Armor Express and more.

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AR500 Armor is the industry leading manufacturer of affordable and reliable Ballistic and Body Armor solutions.

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TurtleSkin Body Armor provides tactical protection against ballistics, bullets, knives, stabs, and needles.

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Q: How to Make Body Armor.
A: Things You'll Need. Lots of sheets of cotton.(Buy it new, or cut up old shirts.). Polyester Resin. Fiberglass Resin. Scissors. Something Heavy.(A rock, bowling ... Read More »
Q: Who invented body armor?
A: Japan was the first nation to actually invent a version of soft body armor, manufacturing a woven fabric out of silk. However, Casimir Zeglen, a Catholic Priest... Read More »
Q: What is body armor made of?
A: The protective plates, depending on the age of it, will be steel, ceramics, or kevlar. Read More »
Q: What is body armor in Brazil?
A: EnGarde is a leading body armor and bullet proof vests seller to Brazil. ChaCha! Read More »
Q: How Body Armor Works
A: Humans have been wearing armor for thousands of years. Ancient tribes fastened animal hide and plant material around their bodies when they went out on the hunt... Read More »