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The body louse is a louse that infests humans. The condition of being infested with head lice, body lice, or pubic lice is known as pediculosis. The body louse ...

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An infestation of body lice occurs when a certain type of lice invade the body and clothing. Lice are parasitic insects that feed on human blood and can infest the ...

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View an Illustration of Body Lice and learn more about Bites and Infestations.

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Jul 22, 2015 ... Head lice live on the scalp and are common among school children. Lice also can be found on the body (body lice) or in the pubic region ...

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Sep 24, 2013 ... What are body lice? Body lice are parasitic insects that live on clothing and bedding used by infested persons. Body lice frequently lay their ...

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Sep 24, 2013 ... Adult body lice are 2.3–3.6 mm in length. Body lice live and lay eggs on clothing and only move to the skin to feed. Body lice are known to ...

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Body Lice - an easy to understand guide covering causes, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment and prevention plus additional in depth medical information.

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Nov 20, 2012 ... Body lice live in the seams and folds of clothing. They feed on human blood and lay their eggs and deposit waste matter on the skin and ...

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Pubic lice are tiny insects that live on humans, usually in the pubic hair. Learn more about pubic and body lice.

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Pubic lice are tiny insects that live on humans passed on at close contact, Body lice are also passed on in close contact. More about Pubic and Body lice.

Body Lice Infestation
A body lice infestation occurs when the parasitic insects invade the body to feed on human blood. Signs of lice include intense itching, rash, and red bumps. More »
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Dec 12, 2015 ... Body lice — Comprehensive overview covers symptoms, how to get rid of this itchy infestation.

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Jul 23, 2015 ... Read our article and learn more on MedlinePlus: Body lice.

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Mar 1, 2016 ... Body lice. Scattered nits seen on the seams of clothing.