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The bonefishes are a family (Albulidae) of ray-finned fish that are popular as game fish in Florida, select locations in the South Pacific, and the Bahamas and ...

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Prepare for the unexpected - a journey that will ignite your taste buds, reward your curiosity and turn any visit into so much more than your typical night out.

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Commonly, bonefish are named for the many fine bones they contain. English common names include banana, bananafish, Indo-Pacific bonefish, ladyfish, ...

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For decades, it was assumed that since the recreational bonefish fishery was primarily catch and release, conservation and management weren't needed.

(Megalopidae), ladyfishes (Elopidae) and bonefishes (Albulidae)


Jan 29, 2013 ... Global conservation status and research needs for tarpons (Megalopidae), ladyfishes (Elopidae) and bonefishes (Albulidae). Aaron J Adams<sup>1,*</sup> ...

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Worldwide in warm seas. Hawaiian species have been verified by electrophoretic analysis (Ref. 5577), hence, Albula vulpes might be further split. Eastern ...

Bloomin' Brands Inc. concept Bonefish Grill to close 14 locations


Feb 17, 2016 ... Bloomin' Brands said it plans to close 14 Bonefish Grill locations as part of a restructuring of the struggling polished casual concept, which ...

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Until recently, bonefish were considered to be comprised of two species, the circumglobal Albula vulpes and the western Atlantic and eastern Pacific Albula ...

Albula glossodonta (Shortjaw Bonefish) - IUCN Red List


Until recently, bonefish were considered to be comprised of two species, the circumglobal Albula vulpes and the western Atlantic and eastern Pacific Albula ...

Systematic Status of Bonefishes (Albula spp.) From the Eastern ...


Recent molecular evidence suggests that at least eight species of bonefishes ( Albuliformes: Albulidae: Albula) are found worldwide (Colborn et al. 2001).

Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Albuliformes Family: Albulidae Genus: Albula
Species: Albula vulpes
Linnaeus described the bonefish in 1758, designating it a species within the genus Esox, a taxon that at the time already referred to at least one species of the holarctic freshwater pikes and pickerels. Recognizing the... More »
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Find out what's known about Bonefishes, Albula vulpes, Actinopterygii, Albuliformes, Albulidae, including their world range and habitats, feeding behaviors, life ...

Bonefishes, Family Albulidae


Fast-swimming silvery fish with a single dorsal fin, deeply forked tail, and under- slung mouth designed to extract buried invertebrates. Popular with light-tackle ...

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Bonefish definition, a marine game fish, Albula vulpes, found in shallow tropical waters, having a skeleton composed of numerous small, fine bones. See more.