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A borrow ditch, is a roadside channel dug for drainage purposes. Typically, the dirt is "borrowed" from the ditch, and used to crown the road. It is a variation of a ...

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Define borrow ditch: a ditch dug along a roadway to furnish fill and provide drainage.

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Feb 4, 2012 ... It seems entirely possible that “borrow pit” became “barrow pit” or “barrow ditch” ( which is almost as common in the US as “bar ditch”) and then ...

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Mar 30, 2016 ... I'm from the American West and have heard a term local (northern Utah, southern Idaho, western Wyoming) rural farmers and ranchers use ...

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Note: This entry was previously barrow ditch. borrow ditch n [Cf borrow pit n. (The chronology of attestations makes connection with EDD barrow ditch “A small ...

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apparently in reference to the mound of earth dug from the pit (see barrow<sup>2</sup>); variants with bar perhaps from regional pronunciation of barrow. Dictionary.com ...

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The most plausible explanation I've heard for this is that it's a Canadian corruption of the Texan pronounciation of "borrow ditches," as in ...

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Dec 16, 2007 ... A borrow pit is "a pit from which construction material, as sand or gravel, is taken for ... So, drainage . . . how is that different from a ditch, then?

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Dec 12, 2011 ... Ditch the bank – borrow from the crowd. By MacGregor Campbell. The Occupy movement has gone global. The first and final paragraphs of this ...

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Does anyone outside Utah call them borrow pits ? thanks a millipn for any ... pit' in my life. for me, and im from the Pacific Northwest, it's a ditch.