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The recorded history of Maryland dates back to when Europeans began exploring the area, starting with John Cabot in 1498. The first European settlements were made in 1634, when the English arrived ....

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Both Pennsylvania and Maryland were established to? ... The Pennsylvania Colony was established because William Penn was in possession of a land grant  ...

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Proprietary Colonies were run under a colonial charter agreement, which was ... War, there were three propriety colonies: Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania ... Proprietary Colonies: The proprietors established land grants and purchases ...

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(New England Colony) It was founded in 1636 by Roger Williams and his supporters for religious freedom and seperation of church from state after a ...

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As part of Maryland and Pennsylvania's adherence to this royal command, Mason .... was pregnant, creating a scandal because both Lennon and Ono were still.

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The King signed the Charter of Pennsylvania on March 4, 1681, and it was officially ... England late in 1684, the foundations of the Quaker Province were well established. ... During the colonial period, William Penn and his heirs were both Proprietors and .... Maryland's Charter of 1632 extended to the Delaware River above .....

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As mixed as the people were in Pennsylvania, New York best illustrated the ... By the late 17th century, Virginia's and Maryland's economic and social ... were the foundations of American education and culture established during the colonial period. ... In 1745 Logan erected a building for his collection and bequeathed both ...

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The Dutch and employees of the Dutch West India Company were the first to settle the New York area, which was ... Why was the colony of New York founded ?

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So variable were the forms of colonial government that but two colonies remained ... One colony, Georgia, was founded after this time, and, after flourishing for ... this crusade, and even the governments of Pennsylvania and Maryland were each .... The middle colonies borrowed from both New England and the South; they ...

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Penn's religious views were extremely distressing to his father, Admiral Sir William Penn ... other towns in nearby Buckinghamshire arrived, and founded the town of Burlington. ... The freedom of religion in Pennsylvania (complete freedom of religion for ... with an equal number of people from both groups deciding the matter.