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History of Maryland


The recorded history of Maryland dates back to when Europeans began exploring the area, starting with John Cabot in 1498. The first European settlements were made in 1634, when the English arrived ....

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Offer a haven for certain religious groups.

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The original 13 colonies of America were founded on the eastern coast of what ... and Pennsylvania, and the Southern colonies, which included Maryland and Georgia. ... The colony of Connecticut was originally established by the Dutch in the ...

America as a Religious Refuge: The Seventeenth Century, Part 1 ...


The New England colonies, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland were conceived and established "as plantations of religion." Some settlers who arrived in ...

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In the meantime, thriving Spanish colonies had been established in Mexico, the ... later to become the state of Maryland; the Carolinas and Pennsylvania were given as ... And many colonists in Pennsylvania and North Carolina were dissidents .... a brilliant man learned in the law, who questioned both the right of taking the ...

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As part of Maryland and Pennsylvania's adherence to this royal command, Mason .... was pregnant, creating a scandal because both Lennon and Ono were still.

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[ New York | Delaware | New Jersey | Pennsylvania ] [ Virginia | Maryland | North Carolina | South Carolina | Georgia ] ... Sir Walter Raleigh tried to establish a colony called Roanoke in the land which the ... Most of those original Jamestown settlers were after profit, mainly riches in the form of gold and other precious metals.

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This led to problems both in everyday society and within the government. .... Those who first settled in Maryland were also fleeing religious persecution. ... founder of Pennsylvania ("Penn's Woods") and planner of Philadelphia, established a ...

Placing Pennsylvania on the Map: The First Steps


Feb 25, 2016 ... The Spanish were established in Florida, but by 1680 had no ... original Maryland map of 1635 might have been examined, however both were ...

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The western boundary of Pennsylvania was established in William Penn's 1681 ... landmarks which define the future Maryland-Pennsylvania-Virginia borders ... England and France were rivals for control of land and the North America fur trade ..... and the opportunity for Virginia to control the Forks of the Ohio both died .

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Colonial America: Maryland was established in 1632 and became a haven ... Most of these Native Americans were Woodland Indians who spoke an Algonquian language. ... success, Cecil invited both Catholics and Protestants to settle Maryland. .... conflict with another growing colony on its northern border, Pennsylvania.

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The King signed the Charter of Pennsylvania on March 4, 1681, and it was officially ... England late in 1684, the foundations of the Quaker Province were well established. ... During the colonial period, William Penn and his heirs were both Proprietors and .... Maryland's Charter of 1632 extended to the Delaware River above .....

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Oct 2, 2012 ... In the early 1720s, Pennsylvania and Maryland were in the midst of a border dispute. ... would never intersect with the rest of the border thereby established. ... Cresap and a workman on his ferry, casting both into the water.