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Bottlenose dolphins, the genus Tursiops, are the most common and well-known members of the family Delphinidae, the family of oceanic dolphin. Recent ...

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Learn all you wanted to know about bottlenose dolphins with pictures, videos, photos, facts, and news from National Geographic.

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The source of their common name, bottlenose dolphins exhibit a pronounced anterior rostrum (often referred to as a beak), typically 7-8cm (3 in.) in length.

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Bottlenose dolphins are great swimmers. They start swimming in their mother's womb before they're even born! Learn more dolphin facts at Animal Fact Guide!

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The bottlenose dolphin is perhaps one of the most well known cetaceans, because of its widespread use in marine parks and research facilities. The bottlenose ...

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Atlantic bottlenose dolphins have a light to slate gray dorsal surface, fading to lighter gray on their sides with a pale gray or pink belly. The dorsal fin is tall and ...

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Find out what's known about Common Bottlenose Dolphins, Tursiops truncatus, Mammalia, Cetacea, Delphinidae, including their world range and habitats, ...

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The bottlenose dolphin is one of the most familiar whales to humans but did you know there is more than one type of bottlenose dolphin? Watch to learn more.

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Bottlenose Dolphin Conservation (2:22 min). Dr. Randall Wells, Conservation ... arrow Click here to learn more about the Bottlenose Dolphin · Thumbnail 1.

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Dr. Stephanie Watwood, Postdoctoral Investigator at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution discusses how the variety of sounds bottlenose dolphins make ...

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Learn about bottlenose dolphins with pictures, fun facts, news, and videos. Find links to information about other animals.

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The bottlenose dolphin is one of the most well known species of marine mammals. They have a robust body and a short, thick beak. Their coloration ranges from ...

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Includes information about the habitat, life span, diet, and size of the bottlenose dolphin.