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Braille /ˈbreɪl/ is a tactile writing system used by people who are blind or visually impaired. It is traditionally written with embossed paper. Braille-users can read ...

Braille: Deciphering the Code


People often think that braille is a language. Actually there is a braille code for every foreign language you can imagine including French, Spanish, Chinese, ...

Braille - Omniglot


Details of Braille, a system of raised dots which can be read by touch and represents the letters of the alphabet, numbers, punctuation marks and ...

Braille Skateboarding - YouTube


BRAILLESKATEBOARDING.COM is a by skateboarders and for skateboarders channel! We do a lot of tutorial videos and even have a service where you can ...

Special Collection - Braille Institute


Braille Institute provides free services to blind and visually impaired people. ... braille institute logo. About ... The Braille Special Collection program is designed

All About Braille - VisionAware


Braille enables children who are unable to read print to become literate and helps adults who lose the ability to read, due to blindness or low vision, to continue ...

Braille EDGE 40 - Hims Inc.


Braille EDGE 40 is not only the most reliable, high-performance refreshable Braille display, it also helps you manage your daily activities. Create and save notes, ...

NBP - All About Braille: Braille is Literacy


The Power of Braille. Reading in the Digital Age. Literacy for all-sighted and blind . It seems like a pretty simple concept. Yet despite the enormous proven ...

NBP - Promoting Braille Literacy, Braille Books, and other Braille ...


National Braille Press offers blind children the power of literacy and blind adults access to the printed word.

Braille Initiative | National Federation of the Blind


NFB-Braille coin with National Federation of the Blind above it and Braille Readers are. The answer is 90 percent if the children are blind. Most Americans are ...

The Braille writing system enables the blind to read and write through touch. The alphabet consists of patterns of raised dots arranged in cells of up to six dots, with each cell representing a letter, numeral or punctuation mark.
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What is Braille? - American Foundation for the Blind


Braille is a system of raised dots that can be read with the fingers by people who are blind or who have low vision. Teachers, parents, and others who are not ...

Braille History - Enabling Technologies


Braille was invented by a teenager, battled by the establishment, and went on to become a worldwide communications phenomenon in a tale too improbable to ...

Duxbury Systems -- Louis Braille and the Braille System


Tells the story of Braille's life and describes the system of writing he invented.