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Braille /ˈbreɪl/ is a tactile writing system used by people who are blind or visually impaired. ... In 1824, at the age of 15, Braille developed his code for the French alphabet as an impr...

Braille Alphabet and Numbers


a, Dots 1 2 b, Dots 1 4 c, Dots 1 4 5 d, Dots 1 5 e, Dots 1 2 4 f, Dots 1 2 4 5 g, Dots 1 2 5 h, Dots 2 4 i, Dots 2 4 5 j. Dots 1 3 k, Dots 1 2 3 l, Dots 1 3 4 m, Dots 1 3 4 ...

The Braille Alphabet a b c d e f g h i j a b c d e f g h i j k ...


It was devised by Louis Braille in 1821 and consists of raised dots ... alphabet, the Braille Code includes many contractions, which are braille cells that can.

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Details of Braille, a system of raised dots which can be read by touch and represents the letters of the alphabet, numbers, punctuation marks and ...

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Page 1. Braille Alphabet & Numbers www.wonderbaby.org.

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a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z Capital Letters A capital letter is made by putting the braille capital sign (dot 6) in front of the le.

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The Braille Alphabet delivers literacy and independence to the blind. Braille is a system which enables blind people to read and write through touch.

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Download Free Braille Alphabet Charts For Kids, Pdf & Flash Cards, Print Worksheets, Braille related Quizzes, Numbers & Activities.

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Printable Braille Alphabet Charts in PDF. A to Z Braille PDF Charts. A4 Potrait and Landscape PDF. Download and Print Free.

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Braille Alphabet and Numbers Card. 100 Cards. Intended to increase the awareness of braille among print readers, this card presents the alphabet, numbers, ...

The Braille writing system enables the blind to read and write through touch. The alphabet consists of patterns of raised dots arranged in cells of up to six dots, with each cell representing a letter, numeral or punctuation mark.
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Braille Alphabet. The six dots of the braille cell are arranged and numbered: The capital sign, dot 6, placed before a letter makes a capital letter. The number ...

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Information on the braille alphabet including tables of letters, numbers, punctuation and symbols. With guidance on some international exceptions to the  ...

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Libbraille is a portable library for Braille displays. This page describes Braille alphabet in many countries.