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Brain Aneurysm
An aneurysm in the brain is a weak area in an artery in the brain that bulges out and fills with blood. It can be unpredictable and life-threatening, and can cause extremely serious conditions.
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Intracranial aneurysm, also known as brain aneurysm, is a cerebrovascular disorder in which weakness in the wall of a cerebral artery or vein causes a localized ...


What is a brain aneurysm?A brain (cerebral) aneurysm is a bulging, weak area in the wall of an artery that supplies blood to the brain. In most cases, a brain ...


Unruptured brain aneurysms are typically completely asymptomatic. These aneurysms are typically small in size, usually less than one half inch in diameter.


A brain aneurysm can leak or rupture, causing bleeding into the brain ( hemorrhagic stroke). Most often a ruptured brain aneurysm occurs in the space between ...


Read about brain aneurysm (cerebral aneurysm) symptoms, signs, surgery, causes, survival rates, recovery, treatment, coiling, prognosis, survival rate, statistics, ...


Aug 25, 2017 ... A brain aneurysm is a bulge or ballooning in a blood vessel in the brain. It is life- threatening it if bursts. Learn about the signs and symptoms.


Nov 14, 2016 ... Some aneurysms are due to infections, drugs such as amphetamines and cocaine that damage the brain's blood vessels, or direct brain trauma ...


Sources for more information about the diagnosis and treatment of brain aneurysms. Patient Stories. Inspiring stories from patients who've received treatment for ...


Oct 7, 2016 ... Is a brain aneurysm causing your excruciating headache? Knowing the symptoms could save your life.