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The three main branches of Christianity are Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox. There are a large number of subdivisions under these main groups but these are the general...

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A Christian denomination is a generic term for a distinct religious body identified by traits such as a common name, structure, leadership and doctrine. Individual ...

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Jun 30, 2008 ... The following 35 Christian denominations and their membership statistics were taken from the 2001 "American Religious Identification Survey" ...

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Jun 22, 2012 ... There are roughly 43000 Christian denominations worldwide in 2012 & the number is expected to grow to 55000 by 2025. Here is a list of...

As a rule of tumb, I write about the religious topics inappropriate for the other religious writers here. There are still plenty of Branch Davidians still alive who have never had anything to do with Koresh.  Branch Davidians are themselves an offshoot of 7th Day Adven... More »
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Mar 17, 2015 ... Christianity has divided into three major branches over the centuries. Over the centuries, Christianity has divided into numerous denominations.

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Who Are Christians? An Overview of the Main Branches, Churches, Denominations, Religious Orders, and other identifiable Groups within Christianity of the ...

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Sep 28, 2007 ... The source does refer to 33000+ total "Christian" denominations, but it defines the word "denomination" as an organized Christian group within ...

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The rise of denominations within the Christian faith can be traced back to the Protestant Reformation, the movement to “reform” the Roman Catholic Church ...

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Although there are thousands of Christian denominations and sects, we can boil down all of this bewildering diversity to five basic categories: Catholic, Eastern ...

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Q: Is there a branch of Christianity?
A: Latter-day Saints reject this doctrine of "original sin" as it is taught by other churches and proclaim that the atonement of Christ automatically pays for thos... Read More »
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Q: What are the major branches of Christianity?
A: Roman Catholic; Eastern Orthodox; Coptic; Lutheran; Reformed & Presbyterian; Anabaptist (Amish, Mennonite, and German Brethren), Anglican, Congregational, Bapti... Read More »
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Q: Branches of Christianity.
A: Catholic, Protestant, & Orthodox. Answer: The number of branches is dependent on the fineness of detail desired. The three main groups and some of their subdivi... Read More »
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Q: What are the branches of Christian religion?
A: Baptists. Methodists. Lutherans. Presbyterians. Non-Denominational. Read More »
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Q: What are the three branches of Christianity?
A: The three most general branches are Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthox Christianity, and Protestantism. Each of these, however, breaks down even further. Example... Read More »
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