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May 20, 2013 ... Itzykson R(1), Kosmider O, Renneville A, Gelsi-Boyer V, Meggendorfer M, ... Beyne-Rauzy O, Vey N, Braun T, Haferlach T, Dreyfus F, Cross NC, ...

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Jul 1, 2013 ... Institute44;n48, excluding seven of 53 patients from Gelsi-Boyer et al44 also included in PHRC ...... Braun T, Itzykson R, Renneville A, et al: Mo- lecular predictors of .... Kosmider O, Gelsi-Boyer V, Ciudad M, et al: TET2 gene ...

Evolutionary and comparative analysis of MYB and bHLH plant ...


Mar 28, 2011 ... ... encoding a MYB domain-containing protein was v-myb in the genome of avian .... Instead, SANT domain proteins often recognize histone tails (Boyer et al., 2002, 2004). ... The various sub-groups are defined in Dubos et al. ... proteins by the loss of R1 (Braun and Grotewold, 1999; Dias et al., 2003), or by ...

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Abbott v. Merchants' Ins. Co. 21:325, 326. Aberdeen Savings & Loan Ass'n v. ... Agricultural Prorate Comm. et al v. ...... Boyer 17:96, 98 ... Braun, Ex parte. 1:134 ...

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May 26, 2015 ... manuscript preparation. Supervisors: Dr. Kim Van Naarden Braun, PhD .... Kancherla V, Romitti PA, Caspers K, et al. 2010. Epidemiology of ...

Human observers have optimal introspective access to perceptual ...


Oct 3, 2015 ... ... (e.g., Boyer et al., 2005; Charles et al., 2013; Merikle et al., 2001; but see ... the negative result Kolb and Braun (1995) observed (Morgan et al., 1997). ..... bypasses the response bias problem, interpreting the subjective vs.

New Strigolactone Analogs as Plant Hormones with Low Activities in ...


Carlactone is highly unstable, to date still not detected in planta ( Alder et al., 2012; ... pea of SLs as a plant hormone controlling shoot branching (Boyer et al., 2012). ... Chemical Stability of GR24, AR36, 23, and 31 in an ethanol:water (1:4, v /v) .... buds by an exogenous SL application ( Boyer et al., 2012; Braun et al., 2012).

The human sperm epigenome and its potential role in embryonic ...


Nov 11, 2009 ... ... (Khalil et al., 2004; Godmann et al., 2007; Payne and Braun, 2006). ..... (e.g. OCT4, SOX2, NANOG, KLF4 and FOXD3 proteins) (Boyer et al., 2005). .... of sperm from fresh testicular biopsy samples vs. frozen biopsy samples.

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He grew up in El Dorado, where he was covaledictorian at El Dorado High School in 1974. He obtained a B.S. ... Braun; 103533 -- Wells Fargo Bank v. Eastham; 103394 ... Center, Inc. v. Reed, et al. ... Boyer; 98762 -- Alliance Steel, Inc. v.

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Nov 15, 2005 ... Jennifer L. Boyer, Stephenie Harrison, and Tony Ro*. Department of ..... et al. study (26) found that saccadic eye movement latencies, but.

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Prognostic Score Including Gene Mutations in Chronic ...


Jul 1, 2013 ... ... excluding seven of 53 patients from Gelsi-Boyer et al also included in PHRC MAD-06) and in a published decitabine phase II trial ..... Braun T,; Itzykson R,; Renneville A,; et al. .... Gelsi-Boyer V,; Trouplin V,; Adelaide J,; et al.

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Dec 20, 2005 ... For [<sup>59</sup>Fe]-corynebactin, Vmax was also low (1.2 pMol per 10<sup>9</sup> cells per minute) ... bind and internalize ferric siderophore complexes (Klebba, 2004; Braun, 2005) ... LLO also lyses erythrocytes (Parrisius et al., 1986), and thus can provide ..... of Salmonella typhimurium (Tsolis et al., 1996; Boyer et al., 2002).

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6 Haishima Y, Seshimo F, Higuchi T, Yamazaki H, Hasegawa C, et al. ... 13 Bourdeaux D, Sautou-Miranda V, Bagel-Boithias S, Boyer A, Chopineau J (2004)  ...