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A Brazilian wax is a waxing procedure that removes hair from the front of the bikini area as well as the buttocks area and the genital area. There is traditionally a strip of hair ...

What Is Brazilian Waxing?
Brazilian waxing uses a hot wax to remove your pubic hair. While most Brazilian waxes result in the complete removal of your hair, some women opt to keep a narrow strip of hair down the center. When scheduling a Brazilian wax, choose a well-sanitized... More »
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Brazilian Bikini Wax - What Really Happens When You Get One?

Brazilian bikini waxes were introduced to New York in 1987 by the J Sisters, 7 Brazilian-born sisters. The Brazilian remains a popular hair removal method in the ...

Everything You Need to Know Before Getting a Brazilian Wax

May 23, 2015 ... Getting my first Brazilian was a lot like my other first time ... it hurt, I was super nervous, and it was over before I knew it. Here's what I learned.
A Brazilian wax means most or all of your pubic hair is removed, including the hair around the very sensitive skin of the inner labia, anus, and testicles. (Yes, men get them, too!) During a Brazilian wax, a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician applies a thin layer of... More »
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The gross reason to rethink getting a full Brazilian wax | Fox News

May 30, 2015 ... Forget the basic bikini wax. The Brazilian wax— which entails removing all of the hair down there (even between the cheeks!)— has become as ...

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188 Reviews of Best Brazilian Wax By Carla Martins "I had my first Brazilian wax EVER this past weekend with Carla and I could not have asked for a better first ... Wax&v=nD4teWhld1M
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Find answers to the most asked questions on waxing, including differences among types of waxing, preparation tips, and how long the hair has to be for waxing.

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Q: How to Care for Brazilian Wax.
A: 1. Let your skin heal. After you get your Brazilian wax, it is likely that your skin may be slightly irritated and possibly red. For some individuals the irrita... Read More »
Q: What Is Brazilian Waxing?
A: Considerations Brazilian waxing is a form of hair removal that is semi permanent. A versatile wax such as a sugar-based wax is the most popular wax used in Braz... Read More »
Q: How painful is a Brazilian wax?
A: A Brazilian wax is removal of all the pubic hair (except a small strip usually) using wax. Of COURSE it's going to be painful, you're ripping hair from the root... Read More »
Q: What is Brazilian waxing?
A: usually popular with women. its removing all the hair from the front and back but only leaving a small strip of hair. In Brazil the most fashionable bikinis hav... Read More »
Q: What exactly is a Brazilian wax?
A: The "Brazilian wax" differs from a regular bikini wax because hair is removed in the Read More »