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What Causes Mold in Bread?
Many people prefer to keep bread at room temperature, but refrigeration means you won't have to throw out as much bread due to mold. Mold is caused by several factors.... More »
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Black bread mold


Black bread mold (Rhizopus stolonifer) is a widely distributed thread-like ... found on bread surfaces, it takes food and nutrients from the bread and causes ...

Bread Mold Causes - Abigail's Bakery


Bread Mold Causes. We've all seen it. You stick a loaf of bread in your breadbox or pantry, and a few days later you begin to notice blue, green and black fuzz ...

What causes bread to mold? - Ask.com


The three factors that cause bread to mold are the presence of spores, availability of a food source and optimal temperatures. Molds are microorganisms ...

Mold on Bread - Mold Bacteria Facts


Mold can cause illness, especially if a person is allergic to mold. Most often though, eating moldy bread will just make you feel nauseated and you may vomit  ...

Mold Growth


Most people are familiar with moldy bread or mold growth on cheese or other food ... This causes the relative humidity in your home to be significantly greater ...

Bread Bag Nightmares - What causes the different colors you see?


Many of the colors you see on the moldy bread are due to the spores the fungi have produced. Molds reproduce by making spores at the end of stalks that rises  ...

How Does Mold Grow? | Education.com


Sep 25, 2013 ... ... mold growth rate and learn about what factors cause mold to grow more quickly. ... Many foods, especially bread, contain mold inhibitors and ...

MadSci FAQ: Bread molds and other moldy foodstuffs


Bread molds can cause infections! particularly in people with respiratory problems or a weakened immune system. Handle molds with care, always with gloves ...

What Makes Mold Grow Faster on Bread? | eHow


Telltale green fuzz on the surface of bread is indicative that the bread is infected with mold, which can be dangerous to eat. Some conditions are more conducive  ...

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Q: Do bread molds cause any diseases?
A: some type of molds produce mycotoxins which is a chemicals that can cause you to get sick. Just by looking at the bread, you cannot tell if it is a bad type or ... Read More »
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Q: Can bread mold cause illness, and if so, is it serious?
A: Hi Emma, Consuming a small amount of mold normally does not cause the symptoms you describe. If you consume enough mold it usually causes nausea, vomiting and ... Read More »
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Q: What causes bread to mold?
A: Mold is like many other life forms in that it needs certain environmental conditions to grow and flourish. These elements are warmth, moisture and oxygen. The m... Read More »
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Q: Can bread mold cause other molds on fabrics like bed sheets or pi...
A: bread mold is like any other mold, in that it propagates by way of spores. Without moisture it will not survive but you really don't want to breath it while you... Read More »
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Q: What ingredients in breads cause molds?
A: it isnt an ingredeint actaully, its that a mold SPORE lands on your bread and thats when it turns icky. then it reproduces by budding Source(s): Bio 11 honours Read More »
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