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Break-even (or break even) is the point of balance making neither a profit nor a loss. The term originates in finance, but the concept has been applied widely ...

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Introduction to Break-even Point. A person starting a new business often asks, "At what level of sales will my company make a profit?" Established companies ...

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Breakeven Point | Calculation | Formula | Example.

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The breakeven point is the price level at which the market price of a security is equal to the original cost. For options trading, the breakeven point is the market ...

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Definition of breakeven point: Point in time (or in number of units sold) when forecasted revenue exactly equals the estimated total costs; where loss ends and  ...

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An analysis to determine the point at which revenue received equals the costs associated with receiving the revenue. Break-even analysis calculates what is ...

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In cost accounting and management, cost-volume-profit analysis starts with the breakeven point . Breakeven answers this question: “What's the amount I need to  ...

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Use our interactive calculator to find your business's break-even point and what you need to do to reach it.

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The point at which total of fixed and variable costs of a business becomes equal to its total revenue is known as break-even point (BEP). At this point, a business ...

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Feb 27, 2012 ... You got no clue about the break even point? Well then, Investment Banker John Parker from Goldman SWAGs can help you out definit...
What Is the Break-Even Point?
When there is neither loss nor gain in a financial situation, you will often hear the term "break even." For businesses, break-even analysis is a useful financial planning tool, assisting managers in setting price structures and helping them predict when... More »
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In accounting, the break-even point refers to the revenues needed to cover a company's total amount of fixed and variable expenses during a specified period of ...

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Definition. In simple words, the break-even point can be defined as a point where total costs (expenses) and total sales (revenue) are equal. Break-even point ...

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Calculating the breakeven point is a key financial analysis tool used by business owners. Once you know the fixed and variable costs for the product your ...