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Oct 23, 2015 ... Stage is usually expressed as a number on a scale of 0 through IV — with stage 0 describing non-invasive cancers that remain within their ...

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The stage of breast cancer describes the extent of the cancer within the body ( learn more). Knowing the stage of your breast cancer helps plan your treatment.

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Once a person is determined to have a malignant tumor or the diagnosis of breast cancer, the healthcare team will determine staging to communicate how far ...

Breast Cancer Stages: What are the Stages? | CTCA


Learn about breast cancer and the cancer staging process. At CTCA, we use advanced tools to accurately diagnose the disease and to develop a targeted ...

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Mar 16, 2016 ... General Information About Breast Cancer; Stages of Breast Cancer; Inflammatory Breast Cancer; Recurrent Breast Cancer; Treatment Option ...

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Feb 22, 2016 ... Stage describes the extent of Breast Cancer and is one of the most important factors in determining prognosis and treatment options.

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Called breast cancer staging, this process provides information about the extent of the disease. Doctors use Roman numerals to denote breast cancer stages.

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There are two types of TNM staging for breast cancer. First, the clinical stage is based on the results of tests done before surgery, which may include physical ...

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ANATOMIC STAGE/PROGNOSTIC GROUPS. Stage 0. Tis. N0. M0. Stage IA. T1*. N0. M0 ... ittee on Cancer ... and/or LCIS) in the underlying breast parenchyma.

Breast Cancer Staging: TNM Classification for Breast Cancer


Dec 30, 2015 ... The TNM classification for staging of breast cancer is provided below. Table.

Breast Cancer Overview
Breast cancer is the second most common type of cancer in women (after skin cancer), and can affect a number of different parts of the breasts. More »
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How Is Breast Cancer Staged?
Breast cancer usually begins in cells of ducts in the breast. There are four stages of breast cancer which are important to know if you are diagnosed with this type of cancer.... More »
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