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LLLI | Breastfeeding Answers from La Leche League


Jan 26, 2016 ... Here you will find answers to your breastfeeding and parenting questions, drawn from the various resources on our site, conveniently grouped ...

LLLI | Frequently Asked Questions about Breastfeeding


Nov 12, 2008 ... Frequently Asked Questions about Breastfeeding. by Karen Zeretzke, MEd, IBCLC, La Leche League Leader Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

LLLI | Frequently Asked Questions


Jan 9, 2016 ... Are there any foods I should avoid while breastfeeding? ... Emergency: Questions related to breastfeeding during emergency/disaster/crisis ...

Breastfeeding Questions and Answers - Lactation Connection


Answers to breastfeeding questions that every expecting and new mom needs to know. Find answers to questions about breast milk production and supply, ...

How will I know how much breast milk my child is getting? A. These include counting diapers to ensure that they are wetting between 6-8 diapers a day and counting stools, which will vary depending on your child's age and whether or not they are eating solids. Ask for ... More »
By Robin Elise Weiss, LCCE, About.com Guide

Mom Questions & Answers: Breastfeeding | BabyCenter


Learn about breast feeding and nursing. Find information on nutrition while breast feeding, drinking alcohol while nursing, and more, at BabyCenter.

Breastfeeding Q & A - Ameda


More information can be found in the Breastfeeding the. Preterm Baby Q&A. QUESTION: Does breastfeeding hurt? ANSWER: No, it shouldn't hurt. At first, it can ...

Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Breastfeeding - WebMD


May 24, 2014 ... Should I supplement the breastfeeding with baby formula? Should I give my baby fluoride supplements to strengthen his teeth since I am ...

MDHHS - Questions & Answers About Breastfeeding


Many Mothers have Questions about Breastfeeding. 1. How long should I breastfeed? Your doctor may recommend breastfeeding for the first year of your baby's ...

Breastfeeding: 10 Questions to Ask | HealthyWomen


If you plan to or have already started to breastfeed, many questions will cross your ... Can I continue breastfeeding if my breasts hurt or if I have a cold or the flu ?

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Q: How to quit breastfeeding question.?
A: What is wrong with you! It is not "bad" to give oatmeal water instead of formula, it is HORRIBLE! Until a year a baby needs breast milk or formula. Is there any... Read More »
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Q: A breastfeeding question?
A: Yes, your appetite will be greater while breastfeeding. Mine was through the roof, I couldnt get enough. However, breastfeeding also burns major calories. So, u... Read More »
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Q: A Breastfeeding Question
A: I was a formula baby - but wanted to put my two cents in on when and where to breast feed. I think of breastfeeding as the same thing as giving the baby a bottl... Read More »
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Q: Breastfeeding Questions ...
A: M., I think everyone lost sight of your original question, which is "is this feeling normal." And, yes, the feeling is normal. At about 8 weeks postpartum, your... Read More »
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Q: More breastfeeding questions?
A: Yeah. Mine would tingle and feel like someone was pinching me. My babys 5 weeks old now and its mostly stopped. Sometimes they still hurt a little or tingle but... Read More »
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